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Today, my girlfriend's father sent me a text message that simply stated "You ruined my relationship with my daughter." I wanted to ask him for his blessing to marry his daughter. FML
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:'( do it anyway. he's a jerk.

**** the old coot. Your marrying his daughter, not her father. And look at it this way, the worst thing you could do to him is marry his daughter, make her happy and completely ignore him. If he hates you that much then it will kill him to see you doing all that well. ;-)


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:'( do it anyway. he's a jerk.

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if you love her, nothing should get in the way. if you make her happy, he should respect that. :)

Lol yah, can I not, possibly, truly, for real, never, today, please have your blessing? Uh........ No? Woohoo!

he sounds like an immature douche who probably ruined his relationship on his own with his daughter. sorry dad, your daighter doesn't want to bone you anymore, she found a real man.

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Ha you don't need his permission to do a damn thing. You're a grown ass man. Don't be all scared cause he doesn't like you. Marry his daughter and text him every night "I just ****** your daughter" "I just ****** your daughter" and so on for at least say 3 years.

awwwh! that actually made me feel so sad for the father. ): my daddy and i are close, and i would feel terrible if he thought our relationship was ruined because of the guy i'm seeing.

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I don't think he us asking permission because he's scared it's just a nice thing to do especially if the girl is close to her parents and old fashioned the FML here isn't that he can't marry the girl, it's just that this girls dad who Linda hates him will be part of his life for a lonnngggg time and he seems like a douche :(

25- I doubt op's gf's dad is a pervert... although it is possible! D: maybe he's just too overprotective and started a fight with his daughter. and she got pissed at him? hmmm....that sounds like a movie scene....swear I've seen it many times...

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.... hold on, what kind of man sends a bitchy whiny text message like that?

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Op, I'm sure you didn't ruin their relationship. If anything the dad was ruining it on his own. So don't worry about what her dad thinks and just marry her, if her dad gets mad he'll get over it eventually. Plus if his daughter's happy he should be happy for her.

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@6 who gives a ****? Do it OP. Who cares about the dad

f him. he just doesn't want daddy's little girl to grow up and have her own life and man.

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Girlfriend's father=jerk Oh yea, 18 you win!!! lol

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#1 is amazing i agree with her. oh wait....thats me. nvm.

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after reading the female comments on this thread I'm afraid of having a daughter. such rebels

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Wow. Why would he send that in the first place. Marry her anyways

18 ur wrong...its not about permission get that through your head...its about respect.

YDI for going to ask him to bless you, I hope he gives you a golden shower, ****.

18 is a ******, don't listen to him or end up in the ghetto stealing shit for a living and when he needs help he has no one to fall back on

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hahahahaahhahahaahahahah lol this kids hillarious

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@#7 exactly lol love has no boundaries!! >< only obstacles :p

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btw, 1st comment suckaaaaaaaaaaassssss! :D

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ha! I'm thinking I know what his answer will be. that sucks

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gonna have to agree with 4 that sucks and you don't have to ask his permission although it is a nice gesture but just cause he doesn't want you to marry her doesn't mean you can't

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So is that a yes for his blessing?

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YDI for thinking you have to ask permission.

the op doesnt have to ask but it is a respect thing.. it's really sweet that he wants to ask for the father's blessing

Respect thing? hey, we're not on the 50's anymore... no need to ask permission.

Yeah, because all old traditions should be tossed out. We should stop treating women in a chivalrous manner, too, since that was a few hundred years ago.

not all women. just te ones that take advantage of chivalry. And we all know they're out there. oh and. Justin beiber in that pic made me lol dude.

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Marriage (Although a misguided idea) is about two people who love each other, not a clan selling off a daughter to another. If the dad disapproves, too ******* bad. He doesn't own the daughter, nor is he marrying the guy.

so what?? Just talk it out with him. Dont be a coward.

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**** the old coot. Your marrying his daughter, not her father. And look at it this way, the worst thing you could do to him is marry his daughter, make her happy and completely ignore him. If he hates you that much then it will kill him to see you doing all that well. ;-)

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A man doesn't need to ask. The question isn't who is going let me... it's who is going to stop me?

You will think different when your little girl starts dating!

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My fiance asked my father. It is a sign of respect that too many "men" in our society lack today. It is not just a stupid tradition that holds no water, especially for the fact that a lot of couples expect/want the brides family to assist in paying for the wedding.

Every situation is different... Not all dads deserve that "respect" (I'd call it a courtesy) and many couples pay for their own wedding. My dad can't keep secrets.

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Men ask for a fathers's blessing, not his permission, as if he owned his daughter. if a man ever asks my permission to marry my daughter, I will tell him that he doesn't need it, but that he also doesn't get my blessing. If he asks my blessing, and is deserving, that he will receive. In none of those situations will I have any control over whether my daughter actually marries the man.

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I wish my family was like that. My family is very traditional and I had no say so in my life, so my dad would have demanded for my boyfriend to ask permission to marry me.

Simply stated. You're so silly for saying simple stated. Anyway, FYL.

He probably ruined his relationship and is blaming you because you're an easy target and it makes him feel better about his failures as a dad and a person. Let him blame, then marry his daughter.