By mile high clubber - 14/07/2013 10:41 - United States - Bensalem

Today, while on the airplane, the cute girl next to me and I instantly hit it off. When I excused myself to the bathroom, I must have given her the wrong impression. She wanted to join the mile high club; I just wanted to take a crap. FML
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at least you got some? poop afterwards

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I wish i knew the circumstances around this...

If he did get some, how is this an FML?

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It has so many down votes because she is imply that the fact that she would have sex with him is a deal breaker.

No, it implies that the girl just wants the D.

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#57 Awesome no. It's called having RESPECT for your body. I'm an old fashion old school type of person :)

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62 - I don't see how that makes a difference in respecting her body. If they didn't use protection and she wound up with STDs, then she wouldn't have been taking care of her body. There is nothing wrong with having lots of sex.

Yes #62. An old fashioned old school attitude doesn't mean it's the right attitude. It's completely fine that you don't find having sex with someone you've recently met appealing but that doesn't mean you should look down on others because they enjoy sex. I realize this is fml and the point of the site is to not get the full story but you don't know the girl or OP's story, they both could've been Virgins who "RESPECT" their bodies very much. Or they could both could've had multiples partners a day prior to meeting each other but that doesn't imply they don't respect themselves. I dislike the Stone Age attitude toward sex. It drags down society as a whole in my opinion, the sooner people learn to forget that religion says sex is bad and realize that as long as people are safe and don't hurt anyone else sex is a great thing, the better off the world will be. Long comment I know!

No one has a problem with them DOING IT ON A ******* PLANE!?

doing it on a plane is seen as an achievement. also, people who have sex on the first date may have a bunch of STDs, plus they tend to cheat, plus they're immature,plus they dont usually have much self respect. of course this is a generalization and there could be very nice women that would do that, but still. usually.

Tear off a piece of toilet paper, write "Honorary Mile-high Club Member" in fancy letters, and hand it to her. She gets what she wants, and you get your privacy.

one word for you...blumpkin... all problems solved

You took the mile high club offer.. Right?

myeviltwin 20

I sure hope op did. Hell op said they hit it off right away. She is offering some nsa and all op can think about is taking a dump? Seriously op opportunities like that do not come around every day. Should have got some and then took a dump (providing op is single and would not be cheating of course).

Then you take her, **** her, take a shit, then go back

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I don't know. If the get coughs they will be in deep shit

UnluckyGenius 21

#18 the combo of this FML and your comment has to be the most heart warming thing ever.

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How is this an FML? Take up the offer!

Pwn17 25

? I didn't say anything bad...

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Yeah. All you said was Comment moderated in italics. I see that all the time. I don't understand the confusion.

I got one of my comments moderated because I said an FML wasn't really that bad it was cute instead.

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