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By Anonymous - 03/04/2012 02:07 - United States - Lincolnton

Today, my boyfriend told me that he'd never made a girl orgasm. I didn't think much of it until he decided to go down on me. Every time he got me close to orgasm, he'd stop and ask, "Are you about to come?" or "Does that feel good?" Now I can see why he's never made a girl orgasm. FML
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mpj13 8

Tell him to stop asking questions then

curiosity killed the cat, and the ******...


mpj13 8

Tell him to stop asking questions then

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GoodLookingGeese 10

The OP wants whining on FML instead of resolving the problem

andrewl12 0

It's not hard. Say, "I don't need to hear you ask me if im about to come, " then he well stop, case solved :D

Sometimes us guy need to be told to shut up & keep going ( but what for guys that don't have clue )

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Just do wat my gf used to do if I stopped tighten ur thighs around the side his head and put ur hands on the back to make sure his head don't move away til he's done his job

danni218 1

Hold his head down...and when u feel he's about to come up say "don't stop that perfect"

just tell him what he's doing wrong, problem solved

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How hard is it for you to say "im a bout to cum/******"? My gf says it everytime shes going to so i dont need to stop and ask

Or just grab his hair and hold his head in place.

cajekraze 7

shove his head back down and tell him, " Shut up, you'll know when

AND to pay attention to your verbal and physical cues.

curiosity killed the cat, and the ******...

That's kinda like her asking him; is it in yet, while they at it.

53 - What...? How do you even relate those.

Why don't you just trap his head with your hands or legs to keep his head there? Stops him from leaving and allows you to arrive.

73) Your last sentence made me smile because it's a bit more cleverly stated then most of the comments on this FML. (x

Well played 73, but just have to tell your I felt a bit threatened by your about me, and I'm Australian.. Ass!

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Maybe tell him what he's doing wrong instead of writing about it on the internet?

#3 if everyone did that there would be no reason for FML

Better yet, just facebook him a link directly to the FML, because god forbid you'd have to communicate with him!

Next time everytime he's about to come you should ask him if he wants to get married and have children.

Most guys would just finish the job themselves.. You know we can get a little impatient

OneLittleAdditio 9

he wants to make sure he's doing a good job. just tell him (when ur not doing it) that he's great but that he needs to stop asking questions because he's getting you there without the talking ;)

-- KICK IN FACE. -- What a berk, and a shame. Close to the station and no arrival is worse than not being close. I sorry for you.

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Dafuq did she just say? O.o

it took me a while to figure out your comment. just...all of it.

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Yeah, he sounds like a real berk. I sorry for her too...

Brannie 4

"BITCH did I tell you to stop?!"

BrysGirl27 14

Hahahahahah:D "get back to work!"

"Hold your tongue boy." Oh no, that wouldn't work. Sorry. :p

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Most important part of a relationship is communication.

That's what he's trying to do! He's making sure she's enjoying it. Albeit, ruining the enjoyment in the process

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I can see by your picture that you must too.



Guys, be gently with him. He's a Belieber! Does that explain why he's so ignorant?

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42- thank you for saying this so I didn't have to!