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Today, I realized I have the most amazing boyfriend in the world. Too bad he has never once made me orgasm in the two and a half years we've been together. FML
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hardly an fml sorry. you have a great boyfriend, sex is only a by product of a relationship. it shouldn't be that important. plus it can be fixed, try new positions, toys, there are plenty of solutions.


try getting him to wear sex panther. 30 percent of the time it works, everytime! ;)

it really comes down to technique not size. he might only got two inches but I'm guessing he also got finger and tongue. either talk to him or atop bytching

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Its ok I'm sure he enjoyed it (:

lol @ 46 Anchorman reference strap on ***** time?

to the person who said stop whining: what if it was the guy who couldn't climax with the girl?should he quit whining to? no, didn't think so.

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does he have a dick ? and u guys might just do anal. remmember,.." be againast anal and u don't get torn another a-hole " ;)

CRUZs_GURL1 0 i found this site trying to explain where women pee threw lol its a very intresting site told me some things that were amazing lol stop bitching tell him what you like if he cares then he should want you to reach the peek of climax.

actually #46... it's - 60% of the time.. it works everytime.

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most chicks do organs cu the clutter us not stimulated

I'm sure he gives it the good old college try!

#90 yeah, if it was a guy he should stob bein a b*tch about it too. she should just be thankful for what she has. sex quality isnt a thing u sacrifice a relationship for

You have two choices: 1. give him some instructions. 2. Don't be lazy! do it yourself!

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agreed y'all don't NEED sex to have A strong relationship botch

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it's 60% of the time- not 30. and this is not really an FML. Be thankful he's a good guy. You can teach such things...

Agreed with #1. Is the sex good though? Cos climaxing isn't everything (although it is awesome). Half the fun of a relationship is figuring out together how to have great sex. Experiment on your own and don't expect him to do all the work. Don't throw out an amazing bf over one fixable flaw. BTW, #111, what are you saying?

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sorry I didn't see the auto correct but most girls don't climax because there clittoris is not stimulated enough during sex

at least you have a boyfriend (im noy saying i dnt have one) but quit complaining...

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who cares! it's not like only sex matters!! if you're going to break up with your soulmate over something as overrated as sex then SHAME ON YOU.

I know how you feel except it's only been 7 months. but that doesn't mean he is bad in bed. cuz he is good just not good enough to make me finish =(

oh and trust me just because he can't make you finish doesn't mean he's small my boyfriend is pretty big and I still havnt finished

that's right how is he supposed to know if u don't tell him?

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I agree with you 90 and I went from my last girlfriend who was into alot of shit and we had an awesome sex life but she it didn't work out. To a **** buddy who is about the dullest lover I have ever had and I only sleep with her because she doesn't want a commitment. Wich I don't either right now since I am having to pay for my college outta my own pocket and can't afford one. But enough rambling it is equally frustrating for men and women who their lover can't make them orgasim.

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haha I remember this quote... movie is hilarious lol

get a clue and take responsibility for your own ******. this idea that orgasms have to be given is bs, reach your hand down and play with your clit or something while having sex instead of just blaiming him because it sounds like you're no better at having sex than he is.

I don't get what 46 meant at it works 30% of the time everytime

@94: Uh, no. No, it is not. I don't care how mentally frustrated you are; your **** buddy has it worse. At least you get to cum to relieve this. Clearly she is not getting the same from you. @OP: Tell him to spend more time on foreplay before sex. Better yet, have him make you ****** before you have sex / before you play with him. He can be patient; he'll get his soon enough.

Teach him what you want. It works, don't give up a good thing just because he needs some instruction.

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alright for one thing orgasms are nou everything in a relationship and her life doesn't suck because her bf can't "get her off"

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Dude! XD look up the song "Not Fair" by Lily Allen. you'll love it.

I have this problem, too. I don't see why everyone is griping at you. I'm completely in love with my BF, and I don't want anyone else. It would just be nice to know how an ****** feels. I bet most of these people are guys that ********** frequently, and thus take it for granted. I wish it was as hard for men to come as it is for women!

You are a dirt :) sex isn't the most important thing evar!

It was supposed to be 60% of the time, and it's a joke based off of a t-shirt that says "sex panther-60% of the time it works every time"

Actually only about a quarter of girls can ******

Actually only about a quarter of girls can ******

Actually only about a quarter of girls can ******

Actually only about a quarter of girls can ******

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people say two and a half inches, they're wrong. my girlfriend feels all of it

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lol.. 2 inches =. a slight poke 10 inches = alot of screaming

Okay, length isn't everything. The ratio has two dimensions: LxW. W is just as important. If not slightly more.

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then again, maybe she could be faking it.

at 33 its L x W x D yeesh, learn your grade six math formulas... they help me in child rape ;) (/pedobear)

I'm only 3 inches, but some girls like it that thick.

why does everyone think he has a two and a half inch penis? she said theyd been together for 2.5 years

At #87: I wasn't getting technical and nor was I looking for the volume formula. I was just trying to say that length isn't all girls care about but also it's width. If you still don't get what I'm trying to then long story short: I wasn't talking about the math formula when I refered to LxW

accually it's L x circumference it's a cylinder. jeeze learn your grade 7 polygons.

A poygon is any closed shape with STRAIGHT sides. Learn your fourth grade geometry.

volume matters! and it would be pi x radius squared x length, that is unless you have a boxy penis XD

ok.... who the **** cares about all this math shit?!?! Are you really going to go and find the perimeter/area/volume of a penis!?!

HAHAHAHAHAHA.. The replies to #2 made my day.. :)

You guys are idiots, whoTF was talking about math any way? I should have just said width is equally as important and moved on. -_-

How?!? Whats ur secret?? How do u use it?? Lol

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disagree, if u really know what ur doing you would use your tonge and lips as well, you can lick AND suck the clit, so yes... ur mouth. unless u have never had that done ladies... u should ask for it

well I guess he's not so great according to your standards

Teach him how to please you.. As you're getting into it tell him how you want it but in a sexy voice you know? So he doesn't feel offended or not good enough..

I second that. I mean, most girls cannot ****** by penetration alone and need some stimulation. I usually don't say this but damn OP, YDI. Either you're a complete no0b when it comes to this stuff or just an airhead. Seriously if you had mentioned it nicely to him or even had tried to help yourself (pun intended) by doing some research, you'd be in a much better place. Girls should teach their preferences to their men given that the dude isn't totally lost too. Seriously.

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I'm one of those. If he's just poking you your not goi g to peak unless you get more stimulation.

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I agree with you that it's not abnormal for a woman to have trouble getting an ******. But I bet within the two and a half years they've been together, they have tried other methods. It's possible that she could have a sexual dysfunction. Perhaps female orgasmic disorder??

Hopefully, she already has one. Two and a half years of pent up sexual frustration would be a major suckfest especially if she gets turned on every time they get him off.

hardly an fml sorry. you have a great boyfriend, sex is only a by product of a relationship. it shouldn't be that important. plus it can be fixed, try new positions, toys, there are plenty of solutions.

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^ I agree, not to mention that some girls are physically unable to have an ******. Maybe it is not the boyfriend's fault at all.

exactly. my ex was difficult to make ******, we just had to try new things and see what worked. I succeeded :D

Or maybe not since you are now her ex.

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wow #9 great answer coming for a guy( o offence sorry!) OP - and u still haven't research this? it might b you not ur bf. You probaly make him believe he is doing fine so he isn't worried about that. YDI for worrin about sex so much it has Fu*ked ur life?!?!

74 and 83 we didn't break up because I couldn't make her ******...I pity you for not being born with a normal amount of brain cells. and thank you 88 no offense taken.

I can't ****** and I've found that out after a long time and trying EVERYTHING. but sex has so many other amazing feelings, the o is just one more. also I love my bf more than anything, and he knows I can't o but he still tries, and sex isn't the basis of a relationship! I hate when people think it is! I think it's terrible the op is posting this. her poor bf.

@9: Sex is pretty important. How would you like to be unable to come? Physical intimacy goes with emotional and mental intimacy. But I agree -- try new things! Be vocal! Use your hands! Don't be embarrassed -- he'll probably be turned on to see you like this, and he'll definitely be turned on when he sees how much more pleasure you get.

What is amazing is you haven't taught him how. Bring on the pony and the midget.