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Today, I found out I'm allergic to our new cat. My mom said she'd rather get rid of me than the cat. FML
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Hi, OP here..for those of you wondering I'm 16 years old and my mom doesn't want to get rid of Buffy (my cat) and honestly neither do I! My mom keeps saying shed rather get rid of me instead of the I know she's probably joking and she loves me...but never get in between a woman and her cat!

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In Soviet Russia, cats hate you! ...Also everywhere else.

That's really harsh. Although, I also think it's parent-speak for, "I think it's time you got a house of your own"


Oh god I hate cats so much. I'm allergic too and it sucks because all my friends have cats. I know what you're going through, all the itching and sneezing. Dogs are more friendly too :)

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In Soviet Russia, cats hate you! ...Also everywhere else.

#5 its their opinion. if they hate it, let them hate it. I love cats

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#13, I think their statement that dogs are more friendly is mostly what bothers me. I can understand not liking cats especially if you are allergic, but not all cats are assholes. I have a cat that is way more friendly than any dog I have ever met.

#17 I never said all cats are assholes, and I know there are friendly cats, it's just most cats that are not as friendly as dogs. Dogs will follow you to the ends of the earth. Mans best friend. It is fact that cats were never domesticated as successfully as dogs and therefore will lookout for themselves more. It's not their fault, it's just in their nature. That's why most people, not all, who have cats have been scratched or bitten by them on a number of occasions, just because they feel threatened. I know of a few friendly cats however and vicious dogs. There are always acceptions

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My cat did not trust me in the beginning. He was a very angry cat until I proved to him that I was trust worthy. Ever since then he has been by my side constantly just like any dog would be. I think putting in the effort to get your pet to trust you and stand by you is way better than getting a dog that could potentially trust anyone really. That's just my opinion though. I don't see any animal as more friendly than the other. I see it more as how hard you want to fight for their trust

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Different animals have different things to offer. :) I love all cats and dogs and will probably own a lot when I'm older (not a ton at the same time). I personally love fancy rats, they're so intelligent and affectionate. They're the best sort of mix too - cleaner than cats, with the smarts of an intelligent dog. :) Plus since I'm in college, they're easier on my wallet than cats or dogs. ;) (PS. I dare you to look at my picture and tell me that face isn't cute! :)

Actaully some breeds of dogs will stay loyal to one person only lile cats. Such as chihuahua's, mastiffs etc. Both animals have pros and cons.

1- you should never mock cats online because the internet is ruled by cats.

my cat used to walk to the end of the street with me on my way to school, and would always be waiting to walk back home with me at the end of the day

Cats were as successfully domesticated. They are different animals. Dogs were domesticated from the wolf, which is a pack animal, it's in their DNA to work under the direction of the pack leader. The ones that figured out if they did that exact same thing for humans ate more regularly and bred safer. Hence why they obey humans and are crazy dependent. Cats were solitary hunters who lived with a small social group. They adopted themselves into our social groups and we developed a mutually beneficial arrangement. They protected our grains and food stores from rodents and we provided for their other needs. Dogs became our canine hunting slaves and cats our furry little ninjas. Cats aren't less friendly, they're just more independent. A dog will obey and love anyone who has a forceful enough personality and feeds it. Cats only listen to someone they like. Cats also know when anti cat people are around, they can smell the pheromones you put out indicating your stress levels. I've had several times when someone told me beware the cat isn't friendly and within an hour I had the supposedly mean cat purring for me. You clearly reek of 'I hate cats' so the cats hate you too.

Cats actually love me. All my friends cats want to say hello when I'm there. I don't hate cats personally, I don't like them because they hurt my friends. Animals love me and I have nothing against any of them, dangerous or otherwise.

#17 some dogs aren't friendly to strangers but if you adopted a dog it would be a lot more friendly than any cat. THIS IS MY OPINION.

Chihuahuas are one of the most aggressive breeds.

I don't get why this comment has so many downvotes

That's really harsh. Although, I also think it's parent-speak for, "I think it's time you got a house of your own"

Hi, OP here...I'm actually 16 so legally I cant move out. I know my mother was probably joking but as another comment (# 6) said...the cat is cuter! lol

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Man, you're going to relish the day you move out. FYL OP

Studies show drinking bleach cures allergic reactions to cats.

Yeah. It also keeps you from breathing.

A follow up of the study concurred that it also solves the user's relatives problems...

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Studies also show that there is quite a number of side effects.

Well you know that cat is cuter than you.

I feel for you! My mum did the same thing 10 years ago when I was 13. I was highly allergic but my allergy has slowly gotten a lot better over the years because of it.

Yes, usually you can get immune to your own cat or dog the longer you're with them. Hopefully your allergies lessen as time goes on OP. Or you could always consider allergy immunotherapy, such as shots, or they now do sublingual tablets.

Unfortunately that's not always the case. My exes roommate had mild fur allergies as a kid that he had to progress to harsher and harsher drugs to control. Eventually in his early teens the reaction became anaphylactic. We had to tear his room apart one night to find his epi-pen. My ex had a washed blanket his cat used to sleep on at his parents on the couch earlier when we'd been watching a movie. The roommate sat on the couch where the blanket had been a couple hours and went into anaphylactic shock.

Definitely not cool. Your mom probably got the cat knowing you had allergies...time to get out of there.