By Anonymous - 03/04/2012 00:32 - United States - Missouri City

Today, while at a store, my stuttering problem became so bad the poor store clerk had to supply my own words for me. FML
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With or without a stutter, I still love you

I'm sorry :( I have a slight stutter myself that gets worse with stress, and it doesn't help when cranky customers yell at me cause they can't understand me.


With or without a stutter, I still love you

you are following in the footsteps of good guy Greg... *sniff, sniff*

Sorry OP, I actually feel for you. Hopefully you overcome it... And this should be a wake up call to the people socially awkward. OP stutters but that doesn't stop him from communicating, sometimes look through another perspective and see how easy you guys have it.

want me to slash their tires

Customer service for sure. We help you find what you need and give you the words to thank us.

That doesn't even make sense.

Aww, that sucks but I love a man with a stutter.

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8, have you ever heard of Scatman John?

I know how you feel OP, same thing happens to me.

I thought I was the only one with a stutter!!

Does your last name happen to be Quirrel by any chance?

I thumbs up my own comment on fml.

Boom thumbed up


It's the people like you that make the socially awkward hesitant to break there barriers

Their*, but excellent point.

Back to your corner asshole.

Just shush, my comment shouldn't mean a thing to you.

But it does mean something so we're not gonna sush

That's so cruel!

Way to be an asshole #4

"P-p-people t-t-try t-to p-ut us d-down", he wasn't talking about his generation.

Just because we g-g-g-get around.

why are you mocking people like that, I bet if people mocked you, you would cry like a bitch and I know if you got mocked you wouldn't like that! so stfu and don't do it to others!!

B-b-b-b-Bennie and the Jetssssssssssss.

51, it's a song by The Who, you fucking idiot.

I know, you dumb prick!!

Perdix you have disappointed me.

51 - Go ahead, put some more exclamation marks into that comment, I deserve it. Oh, yes, I've been naughty. While you're at it, you might want to go and update your knowledge on popular culture, it's not all rappers and pop-stars.

I'm sorry :( I have a slight stutter myself that gets worse with stress, and it doesn't help when cranky customers yell at me cause they can't understand me.

You have my sympathy

See now, violence is never the answer. However, If a customer was that selfish and rude, that's a perfect example of a time where it's okay to give somebody a roundhouse square in the jaw.

Yay for roundhouse kicks!!

Oh man, I know how you feel, i have the same problem. What I do is start out big, like a yell, so i can get the first words out, and try to talk more slowly, it certainly helped me.

A friend of mine found out recently that if he puts his hands in his sides and pushes down a little, his stutter practically vanishes. Might be worth trying too, OP :)

It might work for a short time... but the end result could be a new non-speaking thing he does every time he talks. The stutter will return but now he'll have a new habit of holding his sides in a strange way. I'm a life-long stutterer who would love to get back to the point of r-r-repititions instead of the abnormal things I do instead.

Did he stock up enough of ur sentences for u?

At least she helped, other people would have smirked and tried not to laugh at the situation.

I would be reluctant to help. I know several people with a stutter who only get mad when you try to finish words or sentences for them, and I wouldn't want to offend anyone :s

Most of us people who stutter don't usually appreciate people finishing our sentences for us. Every once in awhile it's nice, but too often the finished sentence isn't exactly what I wanted to say and then I'm left with someone elses words instead of my own.

I've also heard it doesn't help, especially in children with speech impediments it can actually make the problem worse. Or they'll depend on people or siblings finishing their sentences.