By PainStressLife - United States - Dublin
Today, I went to an over-crowded grocery store. As I reached the front of a long line, I noticed that a cart had been abandoned in everybody's way. Trying to be helpful, I moved it to the side. An enormous woman then shoved me and yelled at me for "pushing her property around." FML
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  kangx1  |  28

Id be like: "if you weren't so stupid to just leave you cart in everybody's way I would have touched it dumbass."

Edit: It's not her property the cart and the content belong to the store until she pays for her shit

  zinnath  |  9

Technically she didn't buy it and she doesn't own the cart, ergo exercising self defense could of been played. Did you punch her one tooth out or pulled her weave off?

  fsomelife  |  26

Well that's no way to determine who's truly worthy of The Last Box, and who's just an impostor! I believe the protocol in situations like these is to hold a battle with several rounds:

1. Who has more food in her cart *
2. Who can navigate the store more efficiently
3. Who can list more ingredients of whatever treasure The Last Box holds
4. Chin count
* Number of carts, if applicable

Oh lawd, someday a fat person's gonna sit on me for all that...

  ViRepz  |  28

#16 Reading your collection of "witty" comments I have come to the conclusion that you have to come up with better material, and be less of a bogan.

  AntiPrude  |  26

@39 Az, who was a good friend of mine and helped me with training and taught me a few things about life, passed away two years ago. If you are going to throw around personal insults, at least have the balls to address me, rather than verbally bash someone who is no longer with us and cant defend themself.

  perdix  |  29

#8, it kinda is. By putting stuff in her cart, she's signaling an intention to buy, so it's only a matter if a simple transaction to complete the deal.

You don't swipe things from other people's carts, do you?

  Shade1982  |  20

That still doesn't make it technically your 'property'.

It's in the same category as, for example, reserving a table in a restaurant. You put an option on it, therefor it is reserved for you, yet it isn't your property is it? And, although socially unacceptable and kinda rude, it isn't theft if I take something from your cart...

By  AntiPrude  |  26

Don't worry OP, who are the others gonna judge, the nice guy moving obstacle out of the way for everyone, or the fat piece of shit squawking about her twinkies