By SkinsCastSelection - 17/01/2011 06:24 - France

Today, I was getting it on with my boyfriend. I started to come, screaming, "Ah... ah... ah... AHH!" To which he added, "Staying alive! Staying alive!" FML
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Your boyfriend is a legend!

your boyfriend is a win. if you don't marry him I will!


Your boyfriend is a legend!

awesomechick618 0

you don't deserve a bf that awesome -.-

agreed. this totally not an fml. it's an epic win.

did anyone else notice like the past 5 fmls were by the same person...

No. you're very observant.

just sayin.. >.>

chillinAK 9

Lol, I did. I had to go back and re-check them when I saw this one.

chillinAK 9

Better then Brick House or Love Shack. Do you know how many nurses would laugh at me while singing to our pre-ops?

KingDingALing 9

It's better then the song "Get on the floor! Let's dance! Shake, shake, shake!...Shake, shake, shake! Shake yo' booty!" I've had that song stuck in my head since yesterday. :(

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fake FMLs! 

WTF??? yes i also re-read the FMLs this op post random shit and hopes they get posted :-/

so she has a lazy eye, she signs her own plaster card, she gets MMS with heart shaped morning dumps and her bf is a sex singer! wow, what a mind to think all this!!!

so she has a lazy eye, she signs her own plaster card, she get MMS with heart shaped morning dumps and her bf is a sex singer...hmmm, interesting life!

You guys are all joking, right? Right?

ok let's see according to op her bf sent her a pic of his dump, broke up with her cuz of her lazy eye, she signed her own cast pretending she had friends and then had sex with her bf. it's all BS

Idiots, they were selected by the skins cast. Herp derp.

LOL Vicky your comment posted b4 mines did =p

yeah I know..and the last sentence it's different hahahaha!

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jazziness 12

these are bull crap these are lies the next four FMLs are by the same person

WTF??? they deleted one of my comments and all of Vicky's comment :-/

Hayman68 4

82 - the skins cast are picking their favorite FML's from Europe. That's why they all say SkinsCastSelection

haha that's fucking funny

kgraham21 0

This just seems fake to me. Not accusing it of being fake, the wording just doesn't sound like it could be real.

Bee Gees FTW! That was their only good song, but the music video sucked.

If I was you op I would have lolshism! what does op stand for anyways?

I third your agree!

am i the only one who has absolutely no clue as to why this is funny? please explain

It's an old song, Staying Alive, by a band called the BeeGees (they sang in very high voices). Youtube it, you'll understand the reference perfectly.

#156 I think it stands for Original Poster.

Randuhh_17 4

totally.!...this totally made my day....hilarious!

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He is a fucking genious!!!!!!! He is my new idol and I don't even know who he is. He is an epic win.

original poster

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haha classic! XD

made me laugh op , funniest visualization I had in a long time

violetsweety 26


OP should have replied with a heavy sigh, so he could say "girl look at that body" =D

your boyfriend is a win. if you don't marry him I will!

how can you marry someone who doesn't exist...check the other 4 FMLs, OPs name is the same...

shenex 0

ur cute just saying lol

Marry me :S

they're selected by people in Europe. fail

51 is a dumbass

so I'm a dumbass? for all you know this FML could be fake.

135 - Yes, they do have the same name. As advertised on this site, it's Skins Day. The cast of "Skins" are voting for which FMLs they think are the best. It doesn't mean the Skins cast made all these up. It simply means they thought the last x number of FMLs were funny. So, I guess that does mean you're either blind or an idiot.

67 I'll defs marry you

Don't you hate it when everyone is getting mad at a comment but your to late to see it cause it's already been moderated?


lol epic win!

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How is that an FML? That's hilarious! I wish my boyfriend was that funny.

Sarajean32 5

Exactly! Hahah! :D

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HAHAHAHAHA did you sound like Barry Gibb? lmao

amandajlucas2015 2

Thanks for the nice visual I have now of u having sex that's just Wut I like to visualize.. Not

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well that kinda ruined the moment!! but that's freakin funny. at least you know he has a sense of humor!

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I am stealing that. :D

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if you could ever get some..

good move lol.

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Hey you're cute. Hmu +1 (516) 830-2380