By still on hol - 27/12/2014 10:12 - United Kingdom - Harlow

Today, I've spent far too long on hold to Apple customer support. Unfortunately the only thing to come from it is I now have "Call me maybe" stuck in my head. FML
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An Apple a day keeps the socializing away...

Scrambled 21

Apple is trolling you.


Did you try to use fire to fix it? That usually helps

Have you tried turning it off and back on again?

SlipperyNipple 9

That song sucks so muuuuchhh. Poor kid....

orbit 22

It's I great way to make customers hang up though. Which is what customer service wants.

or they can play Bieber songs... (I wouldn't mind tho)

23- i apologoze, but of you admit to liking bieber its an automatic downvote waterfall

haha I know but that won't stop me

Scrambled 21

Apple is trolling you.

Orange you glad it wasn't Justin Bieber

I watermelon mind JB tho

Maybe next time try their live chat option online and then get them to schedule a call.

You can always go to Microsoft.

Mmm that song is great! Hey there, i'm new to town. Could you give me direction to your place? Maybe? ?

I feel the pain of tech support calls. So many menus and options when all you want is a real person.

I bet it's even worse for the people who work there, feeling the wrath of displaced anger day in and out.

An Apple a day keeps the socializing away...