By jokersgirl - 21/05/2019 04:00

Today, my boyfriend and I had the wildest sex we'd ever had. I was on top of him and started going at it like crazy. I was close to finishing when the Mortal Kombat phrase "FINISH HIM!" popped into my head. It wasn't until I saw a weird look on his face that I realized I'd said it out loud. FML
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twin 18

that's a win in my book

Jokersgirl wins. FATALITY!!!


twin 18

that's a win in my book

He’ll get over it.

TxKitten79 10

Omg I'm laughing so hard!!! That's awesome!!! I hope y'all had a good laugh about it later.

Jokersgirl wins. FATALITY!!!

next time you want some just look at him and say "ROUND 2 FIGHT!"

Charlie Coffman_1920149595 18

was it a flawless victory?

bobsanction 18

Did you finish him?

When he was done did he yell Round 2 Fight!

ViviMage 38

Could be worse! Could be Smash Bros with a homerun bat! Or the DK hammer!