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By Anonymous - 06/02/2011 05:10 - United States

Today, while having sex with my boyfriend, I reached climax. While I was screaming, my 4 year-old son came in with his water gun because he thought I was in trouble. FML
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Am I the only one who thinks it's adorable that he wanted to protect his mom.

Ahh, both your men were shooting at you.


he's shot his load over you lol

you're an idiot

I think he's funny... tee hee

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so which one squished you first?

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I think her son did. :)

^^ lmao, and this is why you don't have sex when kids are around.

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I guess it's your child who should post the FML

lmfao!!!! hillarious first comment!

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Screamers are retarded.

Ahh, both your men were shooting at you.

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you have sex while your kids home?

Uh, yeah? So?

that shits traumatizing man. Ahh XD repressed memories!!!

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It's like they never learn to LOCK THEIR GODDAMN FUCKING DOORS. Where's the common sense?!

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I really hope you're kidding #127.

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ditto. seeing your mother (and some jerk off bf) isn't cool. trust me.

#75, some people don't have locks on their doors. None of the bedrooms in my house have locks on them and nor do most of the houses I've been to.

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I actually agree with you i walked in on my mom and dad thats something you never insee 0.0

You also probably shouldn't scream while ur kids home.

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Jesus if you're gonna do it with kids home why the hell would you be screaming, be considerate for your kid, control your impulses

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Gotta squeeze that in sometime or else she might lose it!

I think her childs welfare might be a bit more important than getting laid.

yeah but perhaps he was sleeping and woke up. it's not hurting his welfare unless they left the kid watching tv or playing with their meth lab or something

Christ there is nothing wrong with having sex If you have a child. the child was most Likely asleep n woke up. things like that happen.

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agree 100% I'm a single parent and I'm all for gettin some love but that's why I have babysitter. so momma don't look like a hoe.

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I ment to agree with 9. not others who think naw! it's ok! these boyfriends only stick around for a lil bit so I might as well get some when convient! example that applys to a lot of women. we lonely yes but it's not highschool where you can date a new one every once in a while. in my opinion it's not heathy for my child to met the people I date until I get the commitment feel from him. otherwise baby grows up seein mommy has a revolving bedroom door. it's not about us anymore.

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if it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, sounds like a duck.... It's a fuc%*ing duck. if you look like a hoe, walk like a hoe, sound like a hoe, and act like a hoe.... or in your case admit to being a hoe... well then your a hoe

How does fucking every man she meets make her a garden tool? Ahhh, I know what you were trying to say though and I agree.

I see what you're saying 49. Ducks only like dudes that have bread. Hoes only like dudes that have bread. So hoes are ducks. :D

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no 81, we like our men to have meat, not bread.

kofinater 3

bread is a metaphor for money...

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lock doors...

#49 Totally agreed! Thanks for "typing out loud" what we all were thinking.

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hey 4 so your saying when you have a kid you are not going to have sex.

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it's okay to have sex when your child is home under three conditions: your partner is one you're committed to and your child knows well, your child is sleeping, and most importantly you aren't being so loud that he could hear you. otherwise that's just bad parenting plain and simple!

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caugh. number 4 could be a virgin.

Why is everyone calling the OP a ho? It says she was having sex with her boyfriend, doesn't say how long they've been together. could be boyfriend of 10 years and father of the child for all you know! But yeah, lock the doors. And. 4 year old doesn't need 24/7 supervision does he?

Why is everyone calling the OP a ho? It says she was having sex with her boyfriend, doesn't say how long they've been together. could be boyfriend of 10 years and father of the child for all you know! But yeah, lock the doors. And. 4 year old doesn't need 24/7 supervision does he?

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#139... you could be a virgin

Am I the only one who thinks it's adorable that he wanted to protect his mom.

MrBond007_fml 6

nope you are not alone, that was just very overshadowed by the rest of the story...

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I am totally agreeing with you! The whole I was thinking, "AWWW!! That's SO sweet!"

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#15 TOTALLY AGREE!! such an affable kid!!:)

Nope, I did tooo(:

same here. I find it so cute and adorable!

I agree, home nice to have your child protect you

I agree!! it might not be the best thing for the kid to see. but he was protecting his mom. that's adorable

Yeah. Damn that bitch for scarring her adorable son for life.

I agree 100% I think it is so cute that he tried to protect his mom

don't think that a toddler is better at being a son than his mother is at being a parent though

I did to but if I were the kid I would've wished really hard that the gun would turn into a .45 so I could've killed myself

I think its cute.

nope I think thts adorable

He protected mommy buts now scarred 4 life

MrBond007_fml 6

f the kids life, he is scared forever

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He's way too young to understand what's going on. I think he'll be fine.

19, that's not true. people remember lots of things from early life, so while this may not mean much to him now, one day he may remember it when it does mean something to him.

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i agree with 48

babyyninjas 1

I agree with 69

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48, that doesn't mean he will be scarred for life.

you were having sex while the child was home. not so bad but people learn to do it quietly once they have kids

Exactly! Do it while he's asleep. And do it without screaming.

but if it's that good how can you not when your a screamer

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no, parents don't learn to do it quietly. and if you find a set of parents that do, please tell me

ashleyjade12 9

my parents do it quietly.

It's not hard to do it quietly. I'm not a parent, but when your boyfriend's parents are in the other room, with the bedroom door open, you learn to be quiet. Self control, idiots, especially if you don't want to end up scarring your fucking children, sheesh.

that's so cute he wanted to protect his mommmy just at a bad time

who was watching your four year old while u were doing it??? there is much more thats wrong with this FML than what u THINK is wrong!

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He might have been put in bed and for all we know that the OP was getting it on at night-time.

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still get a babysitter. I think it's wrong to some extreams

Yes, dont go to extremes. Also while you have a baby sitter, the child may still make a break for it. So you should hire 2-3 security guards to guard the door just incase. Oh, and I agree, this could be a little scary for the kid, so you should have a shrink at hand. Yes, OP should have locked the door, but mistakes are made. Live and learn, its all good. any parent that never made a mistake with a child... well either never spent time near them or never had any.

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how can you be having sex with your doors not locked? first of all, if you have kids NEVER leave the doors unlocked! geeeez YDI