By sos - 17/01/2011 03:59 - United States

Today, I found out that I can't pass a field sobriety test while sober. FML
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MrBoredGuy 1
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This is why I practice balance and saying the alphabet backwards.


I_R_Genius 3

Oh god, I know who I'm not drinking with and/or getting drunk with. If you can't do it sober then you don't deserve to drink. Unless you're a blonde then that's a different story.

14 I used to have a snake like that. ball python right?

I_R_Genius 3

Yes it is a ball python. It's a HET ghost ball python I got for my 14th birthday by my parents from their store. I love her to death, she is my life. I hope to breed her one day to a gorgeous male bumblebee ball python.

MrBoredGuy 1
PushMyButtons 5

you stole those words right outta my mouth.

Absocold 0

This is why I practice balance and saying the alphabet backwards.

hellogoodbye1996 6

hey retard they ask you to say it backwards cause I drunk will try and a sober person will just say they can't do it.

ThatGuyYouDontKn 0

I can't even recite the alphabet backwards while sober, heck I can't even memorize the order of the middle letters without saying or thinking the alphabet song. haha.

lol my kindergarden teacher made the class memorize how to sing it backwards. id definitely fail though. One beer and I cant walk straight.

bbygiirl 0

@34 liiight weiiighhhttt! (it's okay, me too.)

do you have asthma? if not, go outside and quit playing video games all the time lazy bum. just assuming.

Know what you do when you assume? You make an ASS out of U and ME.

Suavis 4

ehh that was kinda lame dynamic Dave. and you don't really need to be fit to pass a sobriety test.

J_Marine 0

Oh yes! Now, Step bump! Step Bump Bump!

TheDrifter 23

Just do like I do and carry a cane, that way when they ask you to do manual dexterity tests you have a good excuse.

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