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Today, I took a bus to the city. When I sat down, my hand accidentally slapped again the knee of the guy sitting next to me. I apologized. He responded, "It's just a knee," and started stroking mine. This lasted the entire ride. FML
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Hey guys!! Op here! I honestly didn't expect this to get accepted. Anyway, I wanna say thanks to all the people making jokes, I found them hilarious. To the people wondering, yes I'm female. Also, the bus was PACKED, or else I definitely would've moved. Trust me, I glared at him as much as I could and I actually told him to stop multiple times. I even threatened him with calling the police, but he wouldn't stop. But you know, I got to my stop and had a wonderful day in the city even after that experience. Nothing else happened, and I'm back home safe and sound. Sorry for the long explanation!

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...I'm just amazed at the fact you allowed it to continue for the rest of the ride. Why didn't you stop him?

Kind of creepy. But on the other hand, you can't blame a guy for having kneeds.


I think he's one of those Internet trolls that ventured out OP.

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Tell him to stop, move seats, stand up, tell the bus driver... There are plenty of options here OP! :(

I bet you anything he was screwing with you. :) You said you touched his knee "again" (unless I'm reading that wrong) so I bet he just decided to screw with you and was probably laughing pretty hard on the inside.

#32 I think it's a typo and OP meant against?

I'm pretty sure OP meant against not again

...I'm just amazed at the fact you allowed it to continue for the rest of the ride. Why didn't you stop him?

Remember! OP said its a ride.. Op let him finish his ride .. Jk.. I know i will get more downvotes

Exactly! I am amazed at how many people allow this type of shit to happen. If someone did that to me I'd yell and tell them to stop ******* touching me. It might be harsh but it'll help you stay safe. People need to be more assertive...

I was at a concert a few months ago and this very drunk guy was standing waaaay too close to me. His hand grazed my butt a couple times and I couldn't figure out if it was on purpose or not, but I was very uncomfortable. My boyfriend was standing right next to me the whole time, but he didn't notice that the guy kept touching me. After the third time he touched my butt it was obvious to me he was doing it on purpose so I turned around and pushed him away saying "please don't touch me." The guy gave me this "what I do?" kind of look and then tried to put his arm around my shoulder but I just repeated "please don't touch me" with my arms out and he left me alone. The people standing around us had my back and wouldn't let him come close again. Never be afraid to say something when you're uncomfortable OP! Especially in a public place, people will help you get out of the situation.

I think some of the reasons people let things like this go on can include temporary shock, frozen in fear (if the person seems dangerous and they're all alone, or bad past experiences), shame (irrational, but a common reaction to sexual harassment), disbelief in the other's intentions (like 34 who wasn't sure if it was an accident, or if it's an elderly person or a child), an extremely shy or non-confrontational personality/culture/gender-role, etc...Not saying those are good excuses (handling it the way #34 did seems pretty good to me), but just explaining how it might happen.

i told him"its just a knee". he said .. oh right.

agreed! Even if OP didn't have the guts to say something, how hard is it to move seats, or stand?

You kneed to either speak up or just move. It's the best thing to do with weird bus rides.

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you could have just stand up and move to another seat

YDI - either you enjoyed it or you would have moved. I'm not judging you for enjoying your knee being stroked though, I heard those shivers you get are one tenth of an ******...

just because the OP didnt move, doesnt mean they enjoyed it. they clearly have never been in a situation like that and didnt know what to do...

Attitudes like this is just one of the reasons rape culture is thriving. I've been in similar situations where I beat myself up afterward because I didn't stop sexual harassment despite being immensely uncomfortable, but in the moment I just felt so awkward and afraid of confrontation that I pretended not to notice/acted like I didn't care. Not doing anything does NOT equal consent/enjoyment., ever.

You realize that sometimes people are just so shocked that they don't know how to react? This is like telling rape victims that they must of enjoyed it because they didn't scream (cuz obviously being paralyzed in fear never happens), or telling an abused person that they must actually love being beaten up because they didn't leave or tell anyone about it. Of course there are things any victim can do to try to get away from the situation (and many don't for whatever reason), but I think it's pretty simplistic to say that someone who doesn't leave/yell/fight back right away must automatically enjoy whatever wrong is being done to them.

Sounds like a terrible "stroke" of luck! Next time you don't "knee"d to let that kind of behavior continue.

Pro tip: NEVER point out puns with quotes or other means.