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By anonymous - 24/02/2010 05:05 - United States

Today, my girlfriend told me I look like a fish gasping for breath when I "finish" during sex. FML
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sooooo.. because fish breathe under water.. I'm gonna assume when you 'finish' you flap around all over the place? yeah you might wanna work on that..


try "finishing" in front of a mirror to see how you actually look like, and change your style accordingly

EllyH 0

haha, I suggest you just video tape it..

if u video taped it u could watch it over and over again and ten give it to ur boyfriend so him and his friends can watch it

I tape fish sexs it's very interesting do u?

# 30- It's the BOYFRIEND who looks like a fish when he "finishes"; NOT the -girlfriend-, as you were implying in your post. :B

therealafroninga 10

how long have you been in the game? shame on you. you should know better than to make an ugly distorted face when enjoying one of the best pleasures in life. fyl

no but seriously don't make stupid faces when you ****** so ydi, can I do your gf? she seems funny I think she'll tell me I look like Godzilla when I finish

My guy is like that, I see nothing wrong with it.

next time yall get it on just stare the whole time without makin any facial expressions at all. see if she likes that better.