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Today, my husband and I broke the news to my 10-year-old son that in about 8 months, he'll have a baby brother or sister. I knew he never wanted a sibling, but I didn't expect him to throw a tantrum, then look at me through teary eyes and scream, "Why can't you keep your fucking legs closed?" FML
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Well no need for the sex talk anyway

How does he think he was made?


Well no need for the sex talk anyway

Nope, but some manners and respect should be taught.

One thing at a time.

Yeah, like pushing out the second child. I dunno about you, but I believe birthing comes before parenting. And not by choice.

Birthing comes before poor parenting. Good parenting comes before birthing, as the preconception and prenatal periods are absolutely vital to an organisms development.

I agree with 32, cause wow! there has got to be something going wrong in that house for him to think talking to you like that was ok.

How does he think he was made?

How many times do I have to explain this? A big white bird with a basket in his beak flies over married people houses and drops said basket on their front door. In said basket there is .. A bottle of lube.

I don't think it's the part about how he was made, but the part where he will have to share things and no longer be the center of attention that pisses him off

Um, judging by his reply, I'm pretty sure he knows how he was made. He simply has a problem with the process being repeated.

His response to his mom makes it sound like he definitely knows how he was made xD

he clearly know how he was made. you and all 472 likers... please follow that young man's advice

36 of course it pisses him off, when I got a younger sibling my life went from good to bad, 12 years later and hes still pestering me over little annoying things that make no sense

Wow tough luck. Maybe sit him down and talk to him about manners.

Just based on personal experience (I was 10 when sister born), manners issue aside for the moment, consider this: When you are 10 and have a newborn sibling, you effectively get to become a third parent/babysitter type with no say in the matter. You get to help with changing diapers, feeding, bathing... Then more babysitter roles when your in high school. So tbh it's a little rude on OP's part to not include him in the baby making decision process. Or had a kid sooner. Not like they will likely play together or grow up "together". That being said I love my sister and would never trade her in! She's great and knows exactly what I mean since our parents divorced and same thing happened to her lol

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Really? My child has absolutely no say in whether or not I have more children. That's just ridiculous to even consider. This is coming from someone who is 2 years older than my sis, and 12 years older than my brother. I raised both of them.

It's for consideration. Feel free to look up "consideration" in your nearest cellular device.

Also, consider this: why have kids if you wouldn't consider the kids in having kids?

@logicnazi, I can completely understand where you're coming from. My sister and I also differ 10 years in age. After being an only child for so long, it was very difficult to adjust to having someone else take up all the attention. I also became a "third parent" and had to take on many of the parenting responsibilities. That said, I still don't think OP should have had to include the kid in the decision-making process. It is something between OP and their partner/spouse. Also, we don't know what the circumstances were. Maybe it wasn't a planned pregancy. Accidents do happen. Maybe OP was infertile. That's the reason why my sibling is 10 years younger than me. My mother couldn't have any more children, so she was just as surprised as the doctor when they found out she was pregnant. Things happen. Sometimes the situation doesn't allow you to just drag the older sibling into it.

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I never wanted siblings, but I have two. I am constantly forced to help and babysit them. It's not our fault that our parents want more kids. It's theirs, yet we get punished for it.

Part of being a family, 134.

at least he isn't 10 months! That is what I read.

The problem with this isn't parents choosing to have more children, it's parents using their older kids to care for their siblings. I'm sure not all parents force those duties on older children.

128 & 234. I agree completely. Those are very good points to bring to the discussion. I was merely providing an alternative perspective for round table discussion. Like a share holders meeting. Sure the parents hold most of the stakes and decision making process, and ultimately the decision is theirs either way because they hold majority vote, but the other share holder(s) (child) should still be allowed to freely express his opinion. (And like I said earlier, manners discussion held aside/constant for arguments sake. Sense we all agree it was ill mannered)

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#134. Guess what? Life sucks, do what you have to, take care of family and be at least a little generous. I had your attitude, and now my brother and I aren't connected at all.

*throw him down and beat that ass*

I'm 12 years older than my sister. You think my mom planned that? My sister is a whoopsie baby.

No. If parents choose to have more than one child, they should be caring for the other child(ren), not putting the responsibility onto the oldest child. I had frequently watch over my sister as a kid. It was my job to keep her out of trouble and I always got the blame if she did something she shouldn't have. Unsurprisingly, I don't like her and having to be responsible for her until I left home is the very reason I am choosing to never having any kids of my own. I know some people like caring for children and that's great, but I am not one of those people. I am not going to spend nearly two more decades of my life being responsible for someone else's existence.

That boy needs to learn to keep his mouth closed instead. Children shouldn't talk like that (especially to their parents) at such a young age.

JMichael 25

no shit. my mother would have bitched slapped me through a wall if I spoke to her like that.

Children shouldn't talk to their parents like that at any age. I'm 21 and no one in my family have ever heard me swear.

#70, thank you for you're logic donation.

That just sounds like you have a really boring family, #70.

My family is very fun. I'm just not disrespectful to them. My family swears, but I would never swear in front of them.

Your child also needs to learn some respect for women.

My family and I swear but I keep it to a minimum. Lol

#119. I completely understand. My parents don't care if I swear, and believe me I do. I just can't bring myself to do it in front of them; it feels weird and disrespectful. You can still be a fun person, and family without having to disrespect people.

#138 this is not a feminist issue, he's 10 years old ffs. He needs to learn respect, full stop.

I hear you. My late father never ever heard me swear. I think kids nowadays have absolutely no respect whatsoever: for themselves or for others.

Well, the fact he aimed his anger at his mother for not "keeping her legs closed" is likely why respect for women was mentioned.

CaitiieBuggs 23

My family swears a lot, I actually learned a lot of my swear phrases from my grandma. I swear with them, but not at them. That would be considered disrespectful, at least in my family.

There's a huge difference between swearing and swearing at someone.

drumaddict33 12

or ever..

What, did he think he was created by magic?

Everyone knows kids are made with sugar, spice, and everything nice.

Only girls. Boys are made with snips and snails and puppy dog's tails.

The fact that OP doesn't know the gender makes me a little worried about what recipe she used....

I believe he knows how he was created judging from his response. He just doesn't like the fact that his parents are having another child. Which will divert their attention from him to the baby.

He's 10 he probably doesn't fully understand how bad what he said was. And in a few years he wont even mean it. Some kids have a hard time with the idea of sharing parents. So sorry for you though.

Well, if the parents show some favoritism it can be a problem. I liked the thought of having a younger sister until my parents started favoring her. To this day my sister can punch/slap/hit me and when I object it's labeled as "uncalled for" by my parents.

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At 10, you know exactly how bad that is. Even if his parents allow him to speak to them like that, he's learned that it's definitely not allowed in school or anywhere else.

@95 I wasn't talking about him swearing. Yes he probably knows you're not supposed to swear at school or anywhere. I meant about the part where he said his mom should have kept her legs closed. That's just vile on so many levels, and he probably didn't understand that he was making a sexist/**** shaming statement.

daisylokes 16

wth, when i was 10, i knew saying bad words were disrespectful and would get a good spanking if i ever said any.

when I was ten I had an idea of where, when I was ttold was pregnant again I was more of Congrats. I knew not to swear or judge I got that beat out of me when I was 4

TallMist 32

Well, not every kid is the same, obviously.

amileah13 26

Well that escalated quickly

NO, PLEASE STOP with that stupid phrase. It's absolutely ridiculous. Thank-You very much.

#121... Once your start appreciating quotes from Mr. Ron Burgundy, you'll start appreciating life.

amileah13 26

It's just a phrase I can think of way more ridiculous phrases that should be banned. Just saying

@135, I don't need quotes from anything to enjoy life. Sad if that is the case for you!!

Yikes. Well THAT escalated quickly! Calm down.

Ohhh children. How I love you.

Pedobear? Is that you?

It is a drum. Not pedobear.

That's completely unacceptable of him! I hope you had a very stern talk with him and punished him.

He needs his mouth scrubbed out with soap as well as whatever punishment he gets. I had my mouth scrubbed with soap once in my life and I still remember it!

cadillacgal79 32

I think the soap is punishment enough. I sassed back to my mom once when I was younger and I never did it again. Just get the liquid soap on the gums OP and I guarantee he'll never talk like that again!

Pretty messed up that, at 10, he's already learnt to blame the woman when two people have sex. Why not tell the dad to keep it in his pants?

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#10 you are the best

Who says he wouldn't say something similar to his dad, if he was the one the telling him the news? Pretty messed up that, labeling a kid sexist for mouthing off his mum.

the post said 'my husband and I' which implies they were together when they told him. The fact is that he shouldn't have said anything like that, but if he did only say something to his mom then it is bad. He probably doesn't know it's sexists but it is. Just because kids are ignorant to what it really means doesn't mean they can be sexist, racist, or anything else.

kind of weird that he's already got an attitude that labels her a **** for being pregnany though :s

Back to tumblr 29

A 10 year old having a tantrum at his mum is not a sexist issue. Do we really have to bring out the feminists here? Get a grip ladies - the world isn't ALWAYS out to get you.

Get a grip #186, not every feminist is a paranoid man hater. I agree with 10. It’s pretty disturbing that he **** shames his mom for getting pregnant when it was both his parents decision. There is big difference between an attention seeking tantrum and telling his mom to “keep her ******* legs closed”.

Oops, #29. Missed that. Was late when I wrote #18. My apologies to #10.

First of all, nobody said all feminists were man haters. I am a woman in support of equality. Secondly the child did not "**** shame" his mum - he lashed out at a parent. Just because that parent was female doesn't mean we need to break out the picket signs. The child just needs to learn respect and how to appropriately communicate emotions.

#192 > I wonder why you’re trying to put our comments on some feminist agenda although no one said here that they were feminist. I fail to see as well where anyone brought out the “pickets”. So far I only read comments advising to ground him and teach him to respect his parents better. Lashing out at his mom would be something like “I hate you, you ugly”! Telling her to keep her legs closed is something altogether different. He probably does not realize clearly how sexist and insulting that sounds but he definitely needs to be taught, among good manners, that someone’s sexuality is their own business and that pregnancy is both the father and mother’s responsibility. I’ve heard this type of comment actually uttered at single moms by much older people so it’s never too early to set the record straight.

So the father should get all the blame? I don't think so.

#207 I think you missed the point...