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Today, I had to file for bankruptcy because my ex-wife didn't want to pay for the house she didn't want me to have in the divorce, and didn't bother to have my name removed from the loan before she filed bankruptcy herself. FML
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isn't there anything you can do legally? bankruptcy really ruins your credit, she ought to be responsible for that


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You should have kept up your end of the relationship, Op

This is proof that most women are backstabbing ******. One minute they're sucking your dick,begging you to cum on their face and saying "I love you" the next minute they're kicking you in the ass and ******* up your life.

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No, you're wrong. If anything, this anecdote is "proof" that this particular woman is a "backstabbing *****".

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settle down. not everyone is completely terrible?

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someone got dumped recently lmao

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err not quiet, from my experience, very few are "backstabbing ******" most are pretty cool. does anyone know if I spelled quiet right?

cyrustheblue- by that same logic; your comment would be proof that all men are small-minded, angry, misogynistic bigots... maybe if you didn't think of women that way they wouldn't be 'kickin you in the ass and ruining your life' - dumb ass

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@31 LMFAO at the fact that the women uses huge intelligent words to make sexist comments. too complicated for three in the morning.

#33 just focus on the last two words then

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but still a win! btw nice vocabulary choice(s)! I don't know why this got severed from the rest of my comment but I don't think the fml comments are happy today.

Lol no its Quite Quiet is to be mute of no sound!! As a woman yes most are backstabbing ******.. Hell we cant even trust each other. Look at what Eve did! Now ALL women must suffer thanks to her!

#38, i think it's more the fault of people like you that still believe in ancient fairy tales.

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errr never mind then wow now I feel real stupid.. but it is 4:00A.M. so maybe I should go to sleep.... extremely sorry about that krs500.....

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i think it's the fault of ***** like you lowering society's standards.

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@38 Now now, no need to feed the troll or insult others' religions...

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that doesn't work for me. call me and well **** her up 347 472 4473 btw it's a JOKE don't call the number

isn't there anything you can do legally? bankruptcy really ruins your credit, she ought to be responsible for that

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contact is a contract. it may depend on policy but most likely cause it has his name and signiture(sp?) there's nothing to be done?

It seems like divorce is a game where the goal is to force your partner into bankruptcy or at least finacial ruin. It's kind of like Monopoly but with angry sex.

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Sheeit yeah! Maskedman figured this crap out! I'm sorry for the chronic bitch-****-chode-whoreness of your ex.

explain this to the bank and maybe you can pay the bills. boot her out and move into YOUR house? if not the explaination she relieve you of debt cause she currently owns the house not you.

Is that legal? If a divorce is involved aren't there some mandates  stipulating title holder transfers within a time frame?  Logically I would hope so, but I do realize we live in the real world.   What a massive C-U-Next-Tuesday. Damn.