By lovely - 19/12/2011 06:43 - Netherlands

Today, while having sex, my girlfriend suddenly broke down and started crying. Apparently, when I'm horny, my face reminds her of her dead dog. FML
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Don't ask what breed, it'll only hurt more. *cough* bulldog *cough*


That will probably just make her cry more.

At least she won't be able to see his face, then.

@10 More importantly he won't see her face so it won't ruin the mood.

And???? Take that as a complement and keep doing her.:)

The question is, how good looking is this dog? Are we talking Beethoven, or lassie? I hope it's the latter for OP's sake.

hannahcorrine 0

Paper bags?

Shit on the bed.

DKParth13 5


I guess doggy style is out of the question..

Doesn't matter. Had sex.

Just had sex reference=win

Don't ask what breed, it'll only hurt more. *cough* bulldog *cough*

I thought it was a dead dog?

Sinamoi 18

Doesn't mean it wasn't a breed of dog at one point.

Hahah that's genius!

dsbs 9

Wats sex?

Look up Porn and you'll see

flamerocker 9

What if the breed was a pug?

koolkat27 13

I'm such a horrible person but I couldn't help think of katiethesinger when you said bulldog!

Aww man now you're making ME a bad person to! As soon as you said that I realized your exactly right. :'(

96, peas and corn?

things are not looking good for you in the future

Jakesterk96 8

Turn the lights off?

Anyone find it weird that a horny guy reminds her of her dog? *cough* beastyality - I know I spelled it wrong, shut it

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i love ur pic of kenan in goodburger haha

She needs to listen to Lonely Island. Otherwise she would have listened to the advice about putting a bag on your head. After all, it still counts.

franticravyn 7

Doesn't matter, had sex!

nixter5 18

Best 30 seconds of my life!

Torva_fml 16

...and it felt soo good.

I see what you did there! :D

520kzk 2

This thread made me watch that video again. FML is great advertising.

XCiT 0

She put a bag on my face

You must have one hell of a f*ck face. No, that was not a compliment in any way. Sorry, OP

I gurantee ur face looks like a pig so stfu

koolkat27 13

99- calm down! judging by your comment, it's pretty likely that you have some self esteem issues, so I'll just give you this little piece of advice: learn to spell correctly if your going on the Internet.

SilverInGray 25

If you're going to correct someone, use correct grammar. It's you're*

Every time I see the words fuck face I think of Russell Peters making his fuck face. Thanks for the inadvertent chuckles #5 Your bad comment was good for something after all.

104 bitch seems like u should calm yourself I didn't add any "!" to my sentences.

amandavf1 0

Dude, when you guys have sex again, just make sure she's not looking at your face. Problem solved :)

Well that's romantic

DKParth13 5

Obviously she is a virgin.

Alright sexpert I will be sure to tell 'em

amandavf1 0

In 16 lol

Well I'm 18, therefore wiser

16 and having sex?.... Havent you seen 16 and pregnant?

Yes because if you have sex at 16 you will automatically get pregnant, there is absolutely no way of preventing this. You're an idiot. And ignorant.

if she looks at your face...SHE's TOO YOUNG FOR YOU BRO!

I think it's cause she misses having sex with that dead dog.

Something used to be not right.

Androidz 0

What the hell?

And the confusion sets in.

Something must not be right*???

Actually, the most commonly spoken language in Singapore is probably English. I know it because I'm Singaporean and my family and friends all speak English.

koolkat27 13

I've seen this girl on FML before... there really is no excuse for this level of idiot.

Eh. Singaporeans are fluent in English.

doesn't matter, had sex

btown99909 0

but I cried the whole time!

Torva_fml 16

More like blue balls..... Can't finish when your partner is crying.

I think she might have been a racist

night_ryder13 5

Still counts!

Best 30 seconds of my life.

Now that"s an insult if ever I've heard one !

GVirdi 11

O rly?

ya rly -_-