By Anonymous - 20/08/2012 02:05 - United States - La Grange

Today, I had to bail my boyfriend out of jail. He got arrested because he was tugging his man-meat in the drive-thru at a McDonald's. FML
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bigdude1302 2

So tell me....does he have a Big Mac or a double cheese burger?


...no that's what's in the coleslaw at Kfc

JackeeDawn 9

I wonder if he was trying to order a McWeener super sized.

What about the cream on top of a Cinnabon

Let him sit in jail, he will get a lesson in handling meat.

35- OP's boyfriend: NO!, that's too small! *pulls out penis* I want one this big, got it?!

So that's what's in the "Big Mac?" ugh I think I'm going vegetarian.

taniamw 9

How do I put this nicely.... Stupid comment!

"How do I put this nicely?" You don't. This is a matter of public indecency.

Ewww! That is so wrong! What the hell is wrong with him?!

I've seen road dome while working the drive thru. I just kinda laughed. You see it all when you work there long enough.

Psych101 9

I've always wanted to ask someone this. Have you ever been cones while working the drive thru? If so, what was your reaction? If you don't know what that is, look it up on YouTube.

Psych101 9

It's the most retarded thing ever. I didn't laugh at all I just thought the guy was a dumb ass

It didn't happen to me, but it did to a co-worker. She ended up throwing the cone at their windshield as they sped off.

That mustve been one hell of a happy meal he ordered.

Not for the poor person who had to take his order. ...Do you want fries with that sir?

Dont fries already cum with my fappy meal?

Laughed so much at that one, thank you.

alazyguy 9

just a normal day at McDonald's.

I can only imagine what he would do at Walmart

coughyochick 7

Hate to say it but you are right. I work at McDonald's and believe me... They dont pay near enough...

astralvagan 20

Maybe the happy meal made him a little too happy!

He just took the "I'm loving' it" slogan to a whole new level!

zuzupetalsYO 11

Hahhaahh! Amazing. Than you. I won't be able to remove that from my head now.

How many people thought about the scene in "The Hangover" when Allen claims masturbating on an airplane is not illegal just frowned upon?

Me me me!!! Haha. I think masturbating anywhere in public is frowned upon really.

That's because it is. But it is also public indecency. Which is why it is illegal. Ask the guy that set up Kony 2012 about it.