Smooth criminal

By nickim756 - 13/09/2010 02:29 - United States

Today, I got a call from my boyfriend saying he needed me to bail him out of jail. The crime? Masturbating in public. FML
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tooGee24 0

he was in a hard situation can't blame him for it

jay4who7 0

nice,but it's kinda hard to talk you're way out of that one!


Lmfao think about how embarrassed he was though..x]

Thats_Mclovin_2U 0

Pwnt atleast he was thinking about you babe ;)

spyder1588 0
Tasanasanta 0

He just couldn't keep it in his pants :(

tooGee24 0

he was in a hard situation can't blame him for it

soozjw 2

hmm don't think I'd bother bailing him out lol

Well go. How is that possibly not your fault?

definitely your fault for not sucking his dick enough 

DarkWaffle 0

great job op. because you didnt help him finish the job at home, he now has nice prison people to do it for him :D

tmmundy 17

I totally AGREE...I wld leave him there!!!!

PimpdaddyCJT 13

a man needs it when he needs it

BallinJ 0
r6_fml 4

exactly #148, and sometimes they're friendly enough to share the experience with everyone else on the bus.

bt2breakskn 0

that's just...... well..... special lol

184 the better question is actually "did he finish but what you" said is practically the same!

and I was filming offtopic: you were born exactly 3 days before me unless you lied

I was born on the 13th :P I put 12 by mistake can I watch the video? :)

Gives a whole new meaning to "holding the boom"...

tmmundy 17

good for u!!!! u shld be there with him then!!!!

dude, that's not even funny, that's just plain gay

jay4who7 0

nice,but it's kinda hard to talk you're way out of that one!

MrLefty 8
Mclovin_95 0

hahahahah i dont even think he ment it like

jay4who7 0

lol no I didn't,it's the way they read it

Mclovin_95 0

haha thats wat i was thinking he just has a perverted mind..lmao xD

Y_U_19029 0

He had to rub one out, can you blame him? At least he's not at Old Navy fapping to mannequins.

kazzythesavage 0

Maybe that's where he was masturbating in public at!

kazzythesavage 0

for some reason you look like someone I know haha. know it's kinda creepy but it was buggin me.

Mclovin_95 0

Omg !!! You look like someone I don't know !

RedPillSucks 31

He meant "Know" in the biblical sense.

u look like some girl I know named Courtney

Mclovin_95 0

lmfao that was funny :D wats up with everybody saying i look like someone they know?lol

You looks like a girl i had a one night stand with. I was on holiday so I wanted to Have lots of sexy times. I think she was really drunk so she couldn't of remembered much, maybe nothing at all. ^NiceGuyz^

Mclovin_95 0

erm.. ok?thanks for sharing that with us?

Mclovin_95 0

mann do i look familiar to everyone or wat?lmao i feel special or something..jk xD and haha i love the guy from superbad thats why..the mcloving guy..hehe and its cool that they call u that its a cool name :P

you look exactly like someone I know. is your name Sarah?

Mclovin_95 0

nope im not sarah :)lmao i doubt i look familiar to anyone xD

ManaUser 0

Well... maybe he was thinking about you while he did it...

kazzythesavage 0

you have a very vaild point haha.

katelynjoy 0

yeah, seriously. Can't kids just wait til they get home? If you can't wait then you have issues

singer4life666 0

So he pulled a pee wee Herman huh?

cheergirly16 0

what ended up happening to that guy? like why do ppl call him a pervert and stuff?

he got caught rubbin one out in a **** theatre

I KNEW someone was gonna make that joke. His career's coming back, and I think he's actually done a few things as Pee-Wee Herman... Such a stupid arrest, in my opinion.

RedPillSucks 31

Isn't that what you're suppose to do in a **** theatre? Did they arrest everyone?