Smooth criminal

By nickim756 - 13/09/2010 02:29 - United States

Today, I got a call from my boyfriend saying he needed me to bail him out of jail. The crime? Masturbating in public. FML
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he was in a hard situation can't blame him for it

nice,but it's kinda hard to talk you're way out of that one!


Lmfao think about how embarrassed he was though..x]

Pwnt atleast he was thinking about you babe ;)

That's hilarious. lol

He just couldn't keep it in his pants :(

he was in a hard situation can't blame him for it

so now he's serving hard time?

hmm don't think I'd bother bailing him out lol

Well go. How is that possibly not your fault?

56- same here!

definitely your fault for not sucking his dick enough 

he had a pee wee herman moment lol

great job op. because you didnt help him finish the job at home, he now has nice prison people to do it for him :D

I totally AGREE...I wld leave him there!!!!

a man needs it when he needs it

ydi for dating a loser

everyone needs their me time

exactly #148, and sometimes they're friendly enough to share the experience with everyone else on the bus.

that's just...... well..... special lol

lol! he pulled a peewee Herman!

184 the better question is actually "did he finish but what you" said is practically the same!


oh yeah I was there helping him ;)

and I was filming offtopic: you were born exactly 3 days before me unless you lied

I was born on the 13th :P I put 12 by mistake can I watch the video? :)

Gives a whole new meaning to "holding the boom"...

good for u!!!! u shld be there with him then!!!!

that's going on my favorites

lying isnt nice!

dude, that's not even funny, that's just plain gay

nice,but it's kinda hard to talk you're way out of that one!

haha "hard". good one.

hahahahah i dont even think he ment it like

lol no I didn't,it's the way they read it

haha thats wat i was thinking he just has a perverted mind..lmao xD

can u dunk?

He had to rub one out, can you blame him? At least he's not at Old Navy fapping to mannequins.

I agree with you lol.

Maybe that's where he was masturbating in public at!

haha waitt wtf?

for some reason you look like someone I know haha. know it's kinda creepy but it was buggin me.

oh hahah thats xD

umm nope :)

Omg !!! You look like someone I don't know !

He meant "Know" in the biblical sense.

u look like some girl I know named Courtney

lmfao that was funny :D wats up with everybody saying i look like someone they know?lol

You looks like a girl i had a one night stand with. I was on holiday so I wanted to Have lots of sexy times. I think she was really drunk so she couldn't of remembered much, maybe nothing at all. ^NiceGuyz^

erm.. ok?thanks for sharing that with us?

mann do i look familiar to everyone or wat?lmao i feel special or something..jk xD and haha i love the guy from superbad thats why..the mcloving guy..hehe and its cool that they call u that its a cool name :P

you look exactly like someone I know. is your name Sarah?

it's probably bc your hott!!! lol

nope im not sarah :)lmao i doubt i look familiar to anyone xD

Well... maybe he was thinking about you while he did it...

you have a very vaild point haha.

that's...deeply awkward:/

yeah, seriously. Can't kids just wait til they get home? If you can't wait then you have issues

freaking ass..

So he pulled a pee wee Herman huh?

what ended up happening to that guy? like why do ppl call him a pervert and stuff?

he got caught rubbin one out in a porn theatre

he pulled a pee wee alright

I KNEW someone was gonna make that joke. His career's coming back, and I think he's actually done a few things as Pee-Wee Herman... Such a stupid arrest, in my opinion.

Isn't that what you're suppose to do in a porn theatre? Did they arrest everyone?