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Today, I got to drop off my boyfriend at his newest place of residence: jail. FML
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rocketpopper1030 11

Good luck op. tell him not to drop the soap

So the "get out if jail free" card didn't work?


rocketpopper1030 11

Good luck op. tell him not to drop the soap

Well, he will be lonely and Everyone has needs... ;)

Inheritance 10

22 what is wrong with you to even consider that..?

I have an awful feeling the Original Poster is going to wait for him until he gets out and she will be disappointed. I've had too many low class girl friends that only fall for boys who are in and out of jail. I don't understand the attraction of not seeing their boyfriends for so long unless it is so the the girlfriends can cheat?

Or, stay with me here 68, the girlfriend is in love with the guy. Some people are not shallow and understand that good people make mistakes too. Even if they are "in and out" of jail all the time, it's hard to break that cycle sometimes. And abandoning them is not going to help them improve.

I can accept those reasonings too. But every girl I know, who's been with a boy, for a long time, and he's constantly in and out of jail, the girl usually ends up getting mixed up with what her boyfriend is doing. And she ends up in jail. Unfortunately, I can list at least 10 women I know/knew who were in these situations. The last time I hung out with one of these girls, we were at a bar and someone drugged me. I blacked out and she took me to an empty house, with no one there. I woke up, 8 hours later, covered in blood and puking all over the place. When I ended up at the ER, I had a concussion, an ankle broken in 2 spots and broken ribs. They doctor demanded calling the police on my friend and I declined. I found out two days later she was on probation and if she took me to the ER and told them what happened, she would have went to jail for being in a bar. I would have never went out with her if she was honest with me about being on probation. And her boyfriend of 4 years was in jail the 8th time when I was visiting with her. Sorry for the novel.

Sounds like it should be an EX-boyfriend. Everyone loves a bad boy, but jail isn't something to be proud of.

Dude no offence but that comment is ******* retarded. It's not even funny. I know I know thumb me down

A vocabulary lesson courteous from Jailbait: An attractive underaged girl who you'd like to bang. But if you get caught banging her you'll go to jail, so she's the bait that lures you into the jail cell, hence the term jailbait You're welcome 2.

Courtesy from or courteous of. A vocabulary lesson courtesy of me. Your welcome 28.

CharresBarkrey 15

You've got vocabulary down, 38. Now it's time to give grammar a try.

You're ******* retarded, he got it right, not you.

-44, ah, the incorrect correction. The best way to make yourself look like an idiot on fml. Stay in school kids.

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You're right, 28. Kind of like you, #2. Oh, wait...

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#44. No, just no. Go back to first grade.

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Haha i thumbed up becausw you're right!

So the "get out if jail free" card didn't work?

You cant just pick up one of those get out of jail free cards! They cost thousands! Virtual high five if someone gets this reference.

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Goodluck with that one, he's a keeper

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there's numerous reasons for going to jail. some are much less serious than others. I received a speeding ticket for a 70 in a 50 while passing someone and I could have technically gone to jail for that. I am generally a very nice person. I just made a poor decision that could have out me away; it doesn't make me a loser.

I heard that in Utah if you go over double the limit, it'll land you one night in jail. That could be wrong though, just what I heard.

In most states 20+ over is Reckless driving and if the cop is a ******* douche, he can arrest you and the judge may sentence you to jail time. So yes, if you got caught doing 120 in a 60 odds are you might spend the night in jail.

Any unpaid ticket, past due, creates a warrant for an arrest. I tried tellling my ex that, when we were together. Four months after we separated, he ended up in jail for unpaid parking tickets.

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I was goin 110 in a 55 and the cop detained me but let me go lol, $290 fine.

Will you consider it cheating if he drops the soap? :/

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Why do people think that jail is the same as prison? As rare as prison rape actually is, jail rape is even less likely.

43- it is a joke, you foolish fool, not to be taken seriously in any fashion or to be related to any persons, living or dead.

whiteboy896 9

Maybe some time will straighten him up, good luck with that one OP!

Oh the irony of the phrase "straighten up" in relation to this FML is priceless.

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Tell him to find the biggest guy with the smallest penis...

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Maybe time to leave him there and move on? Guess it depends on what he's there for. Unpaid Parkin tickets?