By BikerBuddy - 14/05/2010 01:11 - France

Today, I saw a blond-haired guy crouched by my bike fiddling with something as I came back from the shop. Thinking he was a thief, I slammed him across the head with my helmet, knocked him over - then I realised not only was he a kid barely in his teens, he was tying his shoes. FML
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poor kid imagine the life he has from now on...everytime he bends over to tie his shoes he's gonna be all paranoid....0.o

YDI for not making sure


YDI for not making sure

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WTF THAT WASNT ME!!!! wtf= wow thats fantastic

your an asswhole poor kid

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think before you smash.

hit him again, knocking him out, and bike off like hell

gzmn91 6

Agreed with 1. Complete idiot. I hope you got what you deserved :)

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OP you sound like a typical, beast like virgin. go get laid and loosen up a bit. at first I was like  then i was like  now im 

Today I bent over to tie my shoe. Out of nowhere, this psycho comes and knocks me over by slamming a helmet on my head. FML

making a teen cry?

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Did you yell out HULK SMASH! I would have