By BikerBuddy - 14/05/2010 01:11 - France

Today, I saw a blond-haired guy crouched by my bike fiddling with something as I came back from the shop. Thinking he was a thief, I slammed him across the head with my helmet, knocked him over - then I realised not only was he a kid barely in his teens, he was tying his shoes. FML
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therevolution 0

poor kid imagine the life he has from now on...everytime he bends over to tie his shoes he's gonna be all paranoid....0.o


icecreammintz 0

WTF THAT WASNT ME!!!! wtf= wow thats fantastic

hit him again, knocking him out, and bike off like hell

gzmn91 6

Agreed with 1. Complete idiot. I hope you got what you deserved :)

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OP you sound like a typical, beast like virgin. go get laid and loosen up a bit. at first I was like  then i was like  now im 

Today I bent over to tie my shoe. Out of nowhere, this psycho comes and knocks me over by slamming a helmet on my head. FML

Did you yell out HULK SMASH! I would have