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Today, while traveling with my cat, I had a mini-freakout when I realized that I left his favorite toy in the hotel room. I'm a 30-year-old man. FML
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Bless! Nothing wrong with loving your pussy!!

expertsmilee 26


Bless! Nothing wrong with loving your pussy!!

You're too hung up on the WRONG KIND OF PUSSY!

23 - and if you really looked like that your boyfriend would be keeping you busy from making stupid comments here

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Lol at 28 I love how everyone assumes everyone else on the Internet has to be ugly. If someone dares have a pretty pic, it must not be them! And OP I agree with number one (in the literal sense) just love your kitty :)

Why do people assume that people who love their cats are automatically single and automatically losers? Grow up, there's nothing wrong with loving a cat, or any kind of pet. You all are too hung up on bad sex jokes and relationships.

mumjo 2

72- if he took his cat to a hotel instead of a girl, chances are he's a 30 year old virgin.

28- yea, your exactly right. I must not look like I do or my boyfriend would be keeping me busy. What a dumb comment! I actually travel a lot and post comments on here while bored in the car. You on the other hand have 200+ comments and don't even have a picture of yourself on your profile! Get a life and quit worrying about mine!

Also, I post what I want to on here, not for you to thumb it up or down. I really could care less if you like it or not. I wrote it because that's what I thought about it and no one's comments are either right or wrong. It's an OPINION!!! You don't have to agree with it OR like it! Geez, you're one of those people who are too hung up on getting random people on the Internet, whom you've never met, to "like" your comments. Who cares!?!?! Try impressing some people the real world for once.

Damn girl nice **** next pic no shirt on k?!

expertsmilee 26

Us cats actually do need our toys! Especially when cooped up indoors, as we tend to get bored easily. Oh, and the more it moves, the better! That is if we're talking about the same kind of pussy ;-)

How can a kitten be seventeen years old?

We need to find you a girlfriend.. Or boyfriend, whichever you prefer :)

Or, he can enjoy having a pet without being made fun of by clueless people. Who says he's single?

You do not want a cat to be on your bad side...

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And you're very mature yourself, based on your picture. I think you need to re-evaluate your life.

Yeah and your picture is way more mature.

76, be quiet. Your picture is just as immature, not that it matters anyways.

94 - there's a bit of irony in your comment...

There's nothing wrong with being a thoughtful and loving pet owner! Your heart is in the right place, OP. Don't feel ashamed for being so in tune with your kitty cat =^.^=

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Better retrieve your balls while your getting that toy.

theslimshadylp 6

Hahaha 19 your such a grammar nazi fail. Nice try though

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I think they are safely tucked inside of his ******.

LMFAO!! I read this at work, caught me off guard!!

perdix 29

#7, I have written proof that you can say, "The man loves his cat." Maybe you will one day regale us with another gem of prose.

In all honesty perdix, I have no idea how to respond to that.

zuzupetalsYO 11

I would freak too. Cats on road trips are hell.

Wtf how did you get your cats to ride with you? Mine just poop themselves and throw up :/

Mine doesn't like to travel too! I thought it was a universal cat thing.

flutter4 7

That cat on shipping wars goes everywhere on the truck with his owner. But I see what you are saying about cats traveling. My cat gets a really loud high pitched meow when she travels. It's pretty annoying.

my cat meows none stop and ***** everywhere and he smells it and meows even more and slips and falls into it and it gets all over him and then he starts meowing even more and starts pissing and its so gross to the point where we have to pull the car over an clean up. and thats why we don't travel with cats anymore xD

really? my cat loves it, but then again she loves bathes too

astralvagan 20

I understand you need to play with your pussy, but this is a little excessive.... Next time, by spares of the toy or leave the cat behind!