By Depressed - Sudan

Great deal

Today, I arrived in Africa to start my new job. I agreed to come to a city with little to no electricity, and poor water for triple the money I was making in Canada. I just realized my boss and I negotiated in two completely different currencies, and I'm now making half of what I used to. FML
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  Ugi  |  26

Should have read your contract!

Nobody moves continents without a contract of employment and that must have had your pay and the currency in it.

Better get re-negotiating!

  FarSide  |  22

You..... took a job... in Sudan... expecting to make 3 times your previous wage? Son of a Bitch!

I bet you own your own personal bridge to nowhere, prime swamp land in Canada, 1000' of white sand beach in Tennessee, and shit outside of your own dumpster.

I am guessing you are a prime candidate to win a 2011 Darwin Award. Congratulations!!

  flockz  |  19

if it makes you feel any better op, i think cheetah riding would be much cooler than moose riding. i mean they go like 70 mph! (minus 10 to 25 depending on how fat you are)

  R34luver  |  5

seriously Op, Sudan?? i dont wanna take a job in a country that i watched a documentry about on how bad it is over there, ive seen the pictures and they Arent pretty! >.

  Futacy  |  29

It may seem bad now, but people in poor countries are just as happy as they are in rich countries (if not happier) because they are less materialistic.

By  Egnar  |  19

Your boss must not have thought very highly of your intelligence if he started a "negotiation" at half of your current salary [because he obviously knew the currency].

  Lehk  |  9

the boss would not know what OP was making, only a fool would tell a prospective employer what they are making now..... on second thought OP has demonstrated being a fool so maybe they did tell the new boss what they were making.

  Egnar  |  19

The way the FML is worded it sounds more like his "new job" is with the same company. . .Only an idiot would negotiate with someone from another country and assume they were being paid in their home currency.