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By Depressed - 04/08/2011 11:45 - Sudan

Today, I arrived in Africa to start my new job. I agreed to come to a city with little to no electricity, and poor water for triple the money I was making in Canada. I just realized my boss and I negotiated in two completely different currencies, and I'm now making half of what I used to. FML
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well you shouldn't complain, Africa isn't that rich. believe it or not what youre making is worth more in Africa.

How could you be so stupid? Damn I feel sorry for you.


wow that sucks major balls..good luck w/ life now!

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Yea.. Africa doesn't use dollars smarty pants

I thought FYL when I read "I arrived in Africa"

Should have read your contract! Nobody moves continents without a contract of employment and that must have had your pay and the currency in it. Better get re-negotiating!

Well, at least I guess she will save on her electricity bill...

You..... took a job... in Sudan... expecting to make 3 times your previous wage? Son of a Bitch! I bet you own your own personal bridge to nowhere, prime swamp land in Canada, 1000' of white sand beach in Tennessee, and shit outside of your own dumpster. I am guessing you are a prime candidate to win a 2011 Darwin Award. Congratulations!!

Just go back home with company money and shit behind your bosses dumpster and get fired and take the money

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if it makes you feel any better op, i think cheetah riding would be much cooler than moose riding. i mean they go like 70 mph! (minus 10 to 25 depending on how fat you are)

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Think of all the money the OP will save on electricity and all the other basics of North American life!

seriously Op, Sudan?? i dont wanna take a job in a country that i watched a documentry about on how bad it is over there, ive seen the pictures and they Arent pretty! >.

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Watch out for parasites, OP !

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Little to no electricity... Yet you can magically access the internet...

I agree! Especially as it a move to another country!

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have fun with that in the beautiful country of Sudan.

...there are more countries in africa other than sudan

Gotta hate Canada. All their damn health care and expansive land. Damn them, damn them to hell.

Not to mention the birthplace of Ro-JUSTIN BIEBER!

Actually, I'm guessing that he lives in South Sudan now (just became a country about a month ago)!

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97 have you ever been to Canada?

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It may seem bad now, but people in poor countries are just as happy as they are in rich countries (if not happier) because they are less materialistic.

That sucks! At least you're Africa......

That sucks! At least you're Africa......

well you shouldn't complain, Africa isn't that rich. believe it or not what youre making is worth more in Africa.

Relative to Africans yes, to the global market unfortunately not.

I'm sure the cost of living will be one tenth in Sudan compared to in canada. So it will work out fine.

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well 5 according to spam, africas insanely rich. have u heard of that nigerian prince! im gonna get rich off him! *kidding

#5 Is currently supporting 27 Nigerian Princesses and won the Mexican Lottery

yeah, my retired uncle went to Nigeria with 25,000 U.S. dollars and owns every McDonalds in the country. 1

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I bet when the employer heard how many (insert currency used in Canada[I'm dumb]) you made in canada he said "woah, this bitch be crazy".

Uhm....its a Dollar. A Canadian Dollar. Are you effing serious?

How could you be so stupid? Damn I feel sorry for you.

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Thank you some one who agrees

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that might be something you want to check out before going to a different country...

Man that sucks. Better get back to Canada and look for a new job :(

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Travel back to Canada on a moose.

E-mail me the picture when you see a moose in Africa.

I live in Canada. Are you seriously chirping my main source of transportation during these hot summer months. You might as well go my make fun of my dogsled team as well....

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wow I live in Canada and I have nevr seen a moose in my life

105, your stupid what? I hate cliffhangers.

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went to Canada twice seen several dozen moose. and what the hell is the point in living in Canada if you don't ride moose?

I heard there's lotsa ***** in whales

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I travel to canada about 3 times a yr and every time I see at least one moose. And heck yes given the chance I would ride a moose. Who would pass that up?

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Your boss must not have thought very highly of your intelligence if he started a "negotiation" at half of your current salary [because he obviously knew the currency].

the boss would not know what OP was making, only a fool would tell a prospective employer what they are making now..... on second thought OP has demonstrated being a fool so maybe they did tell the new boss what they were making.

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The way the FML is worded it sounds more like his "new job" is with the same company. . .Only an idiot would negotiate with someone from another country and assume they were being paid in their home currency.

Op probably should have done some research on the conversion rate between the currencies before accepting job ,but she didn't and now she is paying for it