By wellfuck - United States - Clarksville
Today, I got a call from a job I had applied for. Everything went great until I realized I had applied to the wrong location, across town. I'm so broke, I went to the interview anyway. It will cost me more to pay for the gas to drive there to work, than what I will actually make. FML
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  TripleATeam  |  13

What you just said was "You're lying, but if you're not, give up and remain broke."

I'd suggest you take OP's word for it and proffer some advice or stay quiet.

  vix9002  |  15

No, he said, and i quote, "That's unlikely".
The author also said that they would spend more money then she would make on gas, therefore creating a negative profit, therefore, the author shouldn't work it because they would lose money.

  platnum42  |  8

Actually, I'm with the comment on this one. As a Tennessee resident, most of our "towns" are pretty small, with Nashville or Knoxville being the two largest in area to have gas be that big of an issue unless OP is driving a monster truck to work

By  Dark__Angel66  |  24

Maybe you could take public transport until another job opens up closer to you? Or ask a friend who works on that same side of town if you can carpool? It's tough. Good luck OP

By  SquilliamFancy  |  15

I had some teenager, her mother, her grandmother, her newborn sibling, and their dog show up at my old place of work, asking about an interview she had set up with my store.

Turns out she not only came a day late, but arrived at my store - the wrong store - for the interview. She had booked it for another store literally across the state. When I told her this, her mother, who spoke almost no English went into a fit of rage and demanded I still offer her daughter the job.

Long story short, it's a good thing you at least showed up to the right location on the right day, no matter how far away.

By  fictionaldiary  |  11

Jesus Christ are you driving a tank? Driving across town costs more money than you would make in an entire day of work? I had a friend who drove an hour and a half every day for a minimum wage job and she still made money.

  rodeogal101  |  9

I drive a diesel truck. And I am a college student. I won't be working 40 hours a week. And I live in a rural area, so across town is pretty far away, especially for a fast food job.