By zlotytarasy - 14/10/2009 22:03 - Poland

Today, I accepted a great job offer I've been working months to earn so I can continue to live with my fiancé here in Poland. I just found out that my work visa was denied. Now I have to fly home to Canada and reapply before coming back. This takes a month. My new job starts tomorrow. FML
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Don't apply for a job without a visa. That's just plain dumb. And you can start your job, explain the visa situation, and reapply for one online while in Poland. You only need to fly back to Canada for one day to get your biometrics done. Then you can return to Poland as a visitor or whatever. Your work should give you a month's leeway and if you have a promise of a job a visa should only take 15 days or so once it reaches your homeland's office. YDI for freaking out and posting on FLM instead of doing your research. Stupid people.

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does anyone think this post strongly resembles the plot in The Proposal? Anywho, if it is real, and if you are officially engaged to be married, why didn't you immediately apply for a fiance visa?


i said HERE not poland lolol and eventually there will be. theres ******* beaners everywhere. and they just keep popping out more babies.

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You are so right. That's terrible. I would never want to live in Poland, or go back to Canada. Oh, and 13th.

Whats so wrong about living in Poland? I was 5 when I moved to the US from Poland and honestly; I ache to be back there. Because compared to America, Poland is so much more.

like you know what it's like to live in poland....