By makeitstop - 04/08/2011 13:41 - United Kingdom

Today, my daughter wouldn't stop yapping on about not being able to register on the new Harry Potter website. The amount of whiny jibber-jabber emanating from her cake-hole made me want to boot her from our family tree, and I had to resort to booze to wash the pain away. I'm a terrible parent. FML
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ilovehamburgers 0

Yes you are.

emmiep1011 7

I hope you resorted to butter beer.


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mustardhippo 4

Your daughter is annoying as hell, and your an alcoholic deadbeat. Pass the scotch

Help her find one of the Magic Quill's so she can register early!!! Wait... I mean... I'm not a Harry Potter nerd desperate to get into Pottermore.... Not me!

That's believable 11 haha:)

cyns0_oaSailor 0

F your daughters life.

flockz 19

WHAT?!?!?! TWILIGHT'S THE SHIT.... tiest garbage on television.

bitchslapped22 14

ME TOO IM GOING CRAZY I CAN'T GET IN...I HAVE TO WAIT UNTIL OCTOBER..OP, there's millions of people going crazy over this, it's ok.

I managed to get three accounts. One for myself and one for my boyfriend. I'm giving the third one away.. I didn't like the username options they gave me on the first night.

Haha I got in :)

thesunsetglow_fml 8

98- me too ;) F all your lives, Harry Potter is the shiiiit.

sarabraun8 7


jamie72596 9

I got in :D

I am and I'm not ashamed. I'm already in!

skulskinator 5

Ewes that's weird

I got in today! A friend did it for me because my work computer doesn't have flash :/ Keyman, my respect for you just skyrocketed. I cannot wait for Pottermore! :)

I got in too :D but I was just saying for the daughters sake!

Awesome! Hey I needed help too, so it's all good. She clearly needs help to get in too. What's your username? Mine is FangWizard145. :)

alexibabyxoxo 0

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alexibabyxoxo 0

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Slythrr 0

Yeah you are

Does anyone else think this fml sounds fake? Besides, for any parent worth their liver's weight in whiskey, this is an easy fix: "If I hear ONE more complaint about it, you are grounded until it's no longer in theaters."

For any parent worth their liver's weight in whiskey, this is an easy fix: "If I hear ONE more complaint, you are grounded until the movie is no longer in theaters."

Mahomie123 0


237 You didn't have to say it twice we got the point.

no ur daughters just a nerd.

jake1632 9

Let's shine some LUMOS on this subject.. Expecto patronum!

helterskeltersmi 0

#34 Your comment sucked the first time too, asshole

helterskeltersmi 0

Fuck. 34? Am I blind? 237.

PopRocks14 0

I got in.. ;)

bitchslapped22, there's still two days left to get early registration :)

yes, you are a terrible parent.. not because you don't like your daughter's whining, but because of the awful way you speak about her.

iPoopMusic 0

I have no idea what any of you are talking about.

love0128 5

I feel bad for your daughter!! :( I really do, bc I know exactly how she feels!!!

love0128 5

Give it to MEEEEEEEEEE!!!!! Please!! :)

ReneeFlem_Flam 2

You have horrible taste 237. Harry Potter is amazing I grew up on those books.

CaramelRainbows 2

Your profile picture makes me think you like Twilight.

Felix_Felicis15 8

I got in yesterday! :D if it were I, I would be celebrating that my child is not twilight-obsessed and crooning over gay fairies. I thought Voldemort killed rob pattinson... Wtf.

and your a dumb bitch

simple but effective

ilovehamburgers 0

Yes you are.

If you know you're such a terrible parent why don't you just start being a good one?

futtbuck101 1

I would've smanged her.

You have no fucking idea how tolerant my mom was, and she's insane. YDI

Harry Potter is the best freakin' thing to happen to this world. You're an ignorant butt-hole of a "parent"!

I imagine this is what I will be like if I am ever cursed with children

Well OP it looks like we know where she got her excessive whining and complaining from. YDI for being such a bad parent that even you will admit to it, and YDI for whining about your daughter's whining.

239, agreed. and I know this. and yet people still think I'll want to have kids someday, when really, I can save the time and expense and go straight for the booze.

RandomChickXD 0

geezus! this sounds exactly like my mom...

glutgyoogle 6

...I got on the site with out a problem...

sparklecherry 4

There's a lot you can do to keep that from happening. I hope you never have them either.

Snooki is worse so your ok

Skelanimal15 0

awesome pic!! i luv gir! and yes she is a horrible parent.

kings1fan 6

Like mother like daughter! Sounds like you can't stop yapping!

StopDropNRoll 11

Why not just take her to the train station drop her off with a note that days walk into said column and enjoy your time at Hogwarts. I'm sure she'll be happier at hogwarts than with a online account. Now your both happy =P

It's Pottermore, for fuck's sake! I had a friend register for me cause the clues are posted at fucked up times. I feel for your daughter, OP. You live in the U.K., you're pretty much obligated to like HP. Shame.

Its a legitimate concern, not being able to register is a serious concern that affects many thousands of people, where is your sympathy?

you sound pathetic. this is not a serious concern!

SugarCrazy 14

46, I'm pretty sure he was being sarcastic...

It's Pottermore. It IS a serious concern. F the daughter's life for not getting in.

I got in :)

love0128 5

Actually, it is a VERY SERIOUS concern!

VeeBee9332 0

She still has 2 days! she should pull all-nighters until the damn thing is open again and then try answering the hints with her books at hand :) I got in that way

Lol i made an account

mmorgan9218 5

what's wrong with you??

hoodasswhitekid 0

nothing, because apparently I'm the most awesome person today

Seriously and she also has a very weird vocabulary...

12vballchick12 5

U beat me to it 64! :) Well ditto haha

I was thinking the exact same thing.

jewknowit710 2

Not as horrible as you flexed ab photo... Some ppl these days

emmiep1011 7

I hope you resorted to butter beer.

sematariux 7


firewhiskey would be more effective

I don't care what she's drinking... you are gorgeous...

StormGirl142 24

Especially Ogden's.

this comment is a win.

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people should really quit comparing the two. HP is infinitely better.

spazzy910 0

Not too much, some girls are just a little obsessed ;)

spazzy910 0

I was talking about the first comment not the reply.....

...Says the fag with the glasses.

darksidedenizen 9


I agree HP has way better computers then Twilight, I didn't even know they made computers.

You could blast her off your family tree with your wand.

jewknowit710 2

"REDICILIOUS!!" lol HP all the way

136, that was just bad...

Ridikkolous isn't even the spell for blasting, its for dealing with boggarts... the reductor curse might work.

just like the black family!!!

aliceisbored 11

Hahaha, I know! When I read this fml I immediately thought of how that happened to Sirius.

Sirius-ly, it's spelled 'Riddikulous'. Get your facts right, you Squibs.

well you're all ridiculous.

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It's the U.K., smart one. /don't you feel dumb.

sensoon15 7

89- considering that they have many people who agree with them and you have people who thumbed you down, I'm pretty sure they don't feel dumb.