By makeitstop - United Kingdom
Today, my daughter wouldn't stop yapping on about not being able to register on the new Harry Potter website. The amount of whiny jibber-jabber emanating from her cake-hole made me want to boot her from our family tree, and I had to resort to booze to wash the pain away. I'm a terrible parent. FML
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  JFox  |  8

I managed to get three accounts. One for myself and one for my boyfriend. I'm giving the third one away.. I didn't like the username options they gave me on the first night.

  scrapmetal58  |  9

I got in today! A friend did it for me because my work computer doesn't have flash :/

Keyman, my respect for you just skyrocketed.

I cannot wait for Pottermore! :)


Does anyone else think this fml sounds fake?

Besides, for any parent worth their liver's weight in whiskey, this is an easy fix:

"If I hear ONE more complaint about it, you are grounded until it's no longer in theaters."


For any parent worth their liver's weight in whiskey, this is an easy fix:

"If I hear ONE more complaint, you are grounded until the movie is no longer in theaters."


I got in yesterday! :D if it were I, I would be celebrating that my child is not twilight-obsessed and crooning over gay fairies. I thought Voldemort killed rob pattinson... Wtf.


Well OP it looks like we know where she got her excessive whining and complaining from. YDI for being such a bad parent that even you will admit to it, and YDI for whining about your daughter's whining.

  marcranger  |  28

239, agreed. and I know this. and yet people still think I'll want to have kids someday, when really, I can save the time and expense and go straight for the booze.

  StopDropNRoll  |  11

Why not just take her to the train station drop her off with a note that days walk into said column and enjoy your time at Hogwarts. I'm sure she'll be happier at hogwarts than with a online account. Now your both happy =P


It's Pottermore, for fuck's sake! I had a friend register for me cause the clues are posted at fucked up times. I feel for your daughter, OP. You live in the U.K., you're pretty much obligated to like HP. Shame.

  VeeBee9332  |  0

She still has 2 days! she should pull all-nighters until the damn thing is open again and then try answering the hints with her books at hand :) I got in that way

By  Friaza  |  29

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