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Today, I realized burying my dog underneath our swing-set was a bad idea. My two sons are now scarred for life. FML
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And this seemed like a good idea at the time how?

Oh I feel like a dumbass. *yells* hey everyone come thumbs down my comment!!!


And this seemed like a good idea at the time how?

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Did I not make it clear that I know that and I just misread? :P

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No you gotta bury him in the sand box so they can atleast dig him up. They get nore thrills that way lol

hopefully they don't know about zombies. otherwise they might think fido is one

How are they scarred for life? It's not like they dug it up. And they wouldn't have known if you didn't tell them otherwise.. I don't get how this is an fml

At least you didn't bury it in the Pet Cemetary.

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Eventually they will kick it up from stopping on the swings...

This will make an interesting story for when they go to therapy..

yeah 40 i wouldnt want to fall on a kicked up carcass of my pet dog. I can just see bones sticking up and op's kids having sword fights

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Tell him he was digging for a bone and got stuck

I use to try and find my buried animals thinking I could find awesome fossils. There's gotta be something wrong there :|

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This seems Iikr a mystery for... Scooby Dooby Doo

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Did you tell them about your cat buried under the slide?

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yay I'm not the only one who finds animal bones cool! I tried to dig up a pet for the skull but never found them. bugs or maceration I now know is the way to go if you want to keep pets bones.

I wonder if there going to become serial killers I'm sure I've seen something like that on tv

I'd be scared to dig up a dead pet!! There's a lot of animals we have buried, we even have a horse and a goat buried.

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Cuz Fido loved teh swing :'(

Isn't that kids who torture animals that are more likely to be psychopaths

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lol. Thats Kinda sad how were you raised???

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Oh my goodness, don't even know where to being.. Rest in peace, snoopy.

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Being with grammar.. that's always a good place to start ^_^

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at least they didnt dig me upz

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What being?! Omg you must be so bad at grammar. There is no way you can get being from begin! Seriously guys, you think the person doesn't know the difference between being and begin? You have to correct people why?

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Haha, I must have typed 'begin' incorrectly and the iPhone autocorrected it to 'being'. As if more people wouldn't recognize that possibility. It'd be a pretty crazy "grammatical error" to interchange the two.

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Oh I feel like a dumbass. *yells* hey everyone come thumbs down my comment!!!

Scarred in a scare. A scar is a near-permanent injury mark, the scare will stick with them, like a scar, for life.

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It's okay, aside from your comment being buried so far down the devil will be able to play with it, everyone understands. :)

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Bad parenting: 1 our future: 0

Haha, it's ok :) I think everyone had slow moments!

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wow.. u were born on feb 29th??.. Cool

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Lol, yea, I've only had 5 official birthdays in my life...

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hmm.. dont know if that could be taken as a good or a bad thing lol

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Why would you bury a dog underneath a swing set in the first place?

I know.. What part of 'dead dog' makes one think 'under the swingset'? Wow.

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The question is... Why would you NOT bury the dog there?

EXACTLY. Why not bury him there? The kids mine as well know the dangers of being on the swing set... A dead dog being one.

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don't act like u don't know why people would do that. I hate when people comment crap like that.

You should've thought that through a bit more

Thats stupid:p why didn't you think of the fact that if the kids kick the ground sooner or later they might unbury the dog?:p

My swing set has a trench you could bury a (small) chihuahua in underneath it.

Why would you do that? Was the sand box full or something?