By XxtentaculonxX - 08/12/2012 22:52 - United Kingdom - Oban

Today, I was chatting to a friend on Facebook about girls, and why we're single. We somehow ended up admitting to one another that we'd never get girlfriends, finding out that we both like hentai porn, and trading info on Japanese sex toys. FML
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aliciaanomalyyxo 12

And that's why...


What. The. Fuck?


aliciaanomalyyxo 12

And that's why...

aliciaanomalyyxo 12

I meant like instead of talking to a girl or goin out he was having a pity party with his friend. I find it weird but everybody has their thing if that what he's into that fine but he is deeming himself incapable to get a girl rather than trying , It came off wrong but you get the gist

#23 How would you get a conversation like that even started? OP: "Hey I like watching anime girls getting raped by tentacle monsters what about you?.... Oh yeah and I'm also interested In Japenese sex Toys... Just throwing that out there."

"Not necessarily. I've met plenty of girls into that sort of thing. The reason is probably more in their lack of confidence than their strange interests." To be fair, it would probably put off the majority of girls. When someone says they like Japanese porn/hentai, there's a certain...uh...stereotype that comes with that.

Well, it's not something you bring up when you first meet someone...

52 I beg to differ. I know a Guy who's into that and still gets lots of ass... ok it's me

Oh man you're cool bro. ^^

67 Somehow I don't believe you. If you really "got a lot of ass," I don't think you'd feel the need to say it.

67- coolest story I've heard all day.

X_Codes 11

@52 - Mostly just because of that stereotype, though. Then again, I'm not sure the girls I know are exactly... erm... representative of the general female population.

SApprentice 34

Most of the other females I've been friends with have always been into anime and hentai, and the related fanart. I feel like it's probably as common for girls as it is for boys, I just think it's not talked about as much. I mean, women like porn and sex related things too, it's just not really socially acceptable for many other people to know that.

Everyone has their own sexual affinities, and hentai isn't any more or less "weird" than a foot fetish. Every person has their likes and dislikes, however outlandish they are.

67 by "lots of ass" do you mean male or female?

114-aburro (donkey)

Your comment is full of ignorance.

winkydog4056 16

#67_Make sure you use a raincoat and LOTS of lube dearie

129- un burro*

Girls like porn too :D I don't know about hentai though, that's all that tentacle stuff right...? :$

193, not really, there's non Hentai tentacle porn, but not all Hentai is like that, mostly is manga or anime porn.

It's not tentacles really. There's some of that. But most is just girls and guys. Or girls and girls. Like regular porn but in anime form.

67- Wait so you get a lot of ass? Are you a toilet? Cause it would also explain how you're full of shit.

#52 hey now, hentai has some pretty hot stuff! and i'm a girl!

38 your right how would you get that even started OP????

I agree with 52, and I am also female.

Well at least you got something accomplished right? Haha but no seriously, someone out there will love you. Just put yourself out there and MOST IMPORTANTLY, just be yourself. :)

What exactly did he accomplish?

citymayer 7

Figuring out why they will never get girlfriends.. They're too busy having pity parties for two.

aussieaccents 7

Did justin bieber teach you that?

I'd say possibly just a positive outlook may have taught her that. Getting very tired of the bieber stabs this girls getting thrown her way.. Old news hey?

Maybe he's single because all the girls his age are saving themselves for Justin bieber - I bet OP wishes girls likes bieber less and Japanese animated porn more...

That being said, you might want to leave out the Henti and sex dolls out on the first date.

Now you can be forever alone together with your friend.

In this case it may be better to not be theirselves...

msjoyfull84 0

I'm also sick of all the flack this girls getting for being a belieber. Who cares what type of music she likes?

I thought people were over the JB stuff. That is so a few years ago.


What. The. Fuck?

Inheritance 10

My thought exactly. Next they will be watching hentai porn together. Getting some male bonding in sulking about their sad love life.

I'd say forever alone, but they do have each other. I suppose they could have fun discussing how they could have been getting girls for years to come.

PandaKitteh 20

Together alone. :]

mduffy08 8

3 - Fuck the what? :3

How the hell did this story get approved to be posted?


I'm more disturbed by the fact that the OP took the time to use a name like that. Is it a legitimate account?

I know right! That was so awesome!

Please tell me what this comment said! I want to know!!!

That's what I'm saying! I almost expected this FML to end with "and it was at this moment that we realized we didn't need girls because, we were, in fact, perfect for eachother".

monstersocks 5

then it wouldn't be such an fml b/c they found love.

DCvRkey2012 7

If they found love, would it be in a hopeless place?

Considering they were having this conversation online, yes. The Internet is usually a hopeless place.

159 - It was a very stupid song reference. (As in the song is stupid, not the comment. The comment was good.)

And they found Dove in a soapless place

182- even if he did know that 159 could have still made his comment..

...and you wonder why you're single...

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*Tucks my tail and goes to my doggy bed* *does puppy dog eyes*

Yay *rubs against your leg* :)

Y'all's creepy puppy shit cracked me up lol

Inb4 puppy/penguin beastiality

jdmur 6

PenguinBitch I love your picture so much!

Hentai is awesome

I'm a chick and sometimes I stumble upon hentai every now and then. ;)

priceyfml 7


Of course you sometimes watch hentai.. Your pikachu. :)

chelly "stumbles" onto hentai sometimes lol

You know how it goes google the quantum theory and BAM tentacles. No? Might be a virus on my comp then....

Fakku anyone? lol. :D

I'm a chick, and I fucking love hentai.

138 Marry me?:O lol

hentai is the best I admit I like it so much better than actual porn and yes I am a girl

LiyIa_fml 8

Same here 155.

BiChelsea 6

I think the reason all of us girls like it is cause we can pair any two people (or more/less) and BAM! Instant self sexy time :D

KiddNYC1O 20

Those hentai chicks should exist. Their boobs are perfect.

145) I dunno how a Pomeranian chipmunk would look. Probably fucking adorible.

I know the reason I watch hentai over "regular porn" is because watching two real people having sex feels like I'm some pervert looking into their sex life. Also I found the girls and plot lines degrading. At least in hentai I know it didn't actually effect anyone.

If any of you like hentai , try playing eroge. For those who don't know eroge are visual novels that reward you with Hentai scenes. If you want to try it Google jlist they have them in both Japanese and English. Glad to be of help to anyone.

jojimugo 20

Did not know women were into hentai porn like that

Well of course, 194, how else do you explain all the yaoi

Whatever floats your boat dude. Hentai reminds me of pickachu though

10 - How is naked Anime girls being sexually pleasured/assaulted by random (usually alien-esque) objects anywhere remotely close to Pikachu?

74 Hentai is broader then what your describing.. It covers anime and cartoons.. Pokemon is a cartoon..

95 - Sorry, I'm not an expert.

Then why are you bitching verkaderk out for his original comment? It sounded to me like an experianced veiwer got offended by his blatent misinterpritation of what 'hentai' is really all about... *eyebrows*

106 - More so trying to keep my childhood (Pokemon) as innocent as possible.

Silvercartoon.com *shudders*

74 let me explain this as easy as possible Hentai is anime like full metal alchemist or Pokemon, however Hentai is porn so in a variety of Hentai they will have Pokemon porn or Naruto that is why 10 had said Hentai reminds him of Pokemon because it is anime and is used as porn.

126 - That's like saying that Fifty Shades of Grey is a book, so therefore The Cat in the Hat is related to Fifty Shades of Grey. :|

bahamut357 16

Hentai is any porn done in an anime or manga style. This sadly includes Pokemon. Remember: rule 34, if it exists, there is porn of it.

125 Just ruined my child hood...

Don't be hatin. Just like whenever I hear "pizza delivery!" I think of cheesy porn scenes, whenever I hear hentai porn I think of Pokemon. It's really my only knowledge of anything hentai

I don't think I understood most of that FML

I'm going to guess and say that's because you're what? 10? 11?

LOL ok let's go with that. Sounds better.