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By Anonymous - 06/11/2019 05:15

Today, my friends and I were acting out porn scenes without sex. Then, I realized that we all watch too much porn, and we are still all virgins. FML
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Sady_Ct 37

If you're using **** as an example of how this works, you'll die a virgin.


manb91gb 15

I hope your ages are between 15-19 😜

ThatOneLonelyAsian 31

you'd be surprised at how many 30 yr olds are still virgins

And I know of at least one 40 Year Old Virgin..

ThatOneLonelyAsian 31

I will never understand why people watch **** just get laid already!

ThatOneLonelyAsian 31

I guess it's only easy for good looking people ...

I hope it was at least a mix of genders, and not just all dudes lol.

If they are all gay there’d be nothing wrong with that.

Sexy is the greatest thing you’ll ever do for yourselves. Tinder. **** and don’t stop

geez. that's just really gross. sounds like you all need to find something to do with yours. ydi

If you're using **** as an example of how this works, you'll die a virgin.

And you can't have actual sex with each other because...? Stop dry humping each other, cut back on the ****, and see where interacting with other people takes you. Oh, and don't rush into it, and if you're all underage, wait a little longer. It's not the be all and end all some people make it out to be.

rotflqtms_ 21

I kind of feel like they're all males, and there's a possibility that OP doesn't like males.

Sex is not like porno, a lot of their positions are to allow a camera to see whats going on down there, not about satisfaction. Sex should also be private, not public. Glad you and your friends are having risky fun, but maybe gut a deer, or pluck a chicken, swing an axe, pick up a chainsaw, get a dirt bike...you know do boy things that can help you learn to do man things.

hisspunkyone 2

If this isn't an epic mass virginity losing story in the making, I don't know what is