By poop - 03/04/2013 18:45

Today, my sister gave my laptop away and dumped a pile of her hamster's turds on my bed. All of this because I flushed the toilet while she was in the shower last night. FML
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Omfgitsmia 15

Sell her on the black market and call it even

Your sister is nuts. What are your parents saying about this?


Your sister is nuts. What are your parents saying about this?

SmallyBigs 9

I'm more concerned of her sister collecting the turds to do this

A hamsters life consists of eating, sleeping and ********. They fill up a cage pretty fast if you don't clean it regularly.

It's 2013, who doesn't have a hamster turd collection? Some of the can be quite... Exquisite

1, I was wondering too. What if the siblings are over 18? Yes, there are house rules, but it is more common for the kids to live with their parents til their mid-twenties. Either way, the sister needs get a swift kick in her lady parts! I accidently turned on the water when my boyfriend was showering, last week, and he didn't pick a fight or scream. I apologized and he knew it was an accident. Imagine if some one broke his sister's item that could be so easily fixed or replaced? The sister is sounding psychotic!

I'm 26 and my sister is 28. if we pulled this shit my parents would STILL have a ton to say about it... And The offending sister would be expected to replace the bedding and laptop. If it happened when we were under 18, whoever we gave it to would be called (or their parents) and the same "work it off" logic would apply.

^I'm impressed! Most people, when they turn 18, think they can do what they want, while still living under their parent's roof. I've always been respectful of what the house rules are (when visiting; I've been on my own since 18) and it is nice to see that other people are too.

Omfgitsmia 15

Sell her on the black market and call it even

Time to butter the floor the next time she showers.

2 If taken has proven anything.. It's that if by some chance she's actually a virgin, op could make hundred of thousands off of her on the black market...

41 If you want creepy. Google "kagome kagome" and read the creepypasta..

R4inb0wBrit3 13

45, that isn't creepy. That's sick.

mrperspire 4

Buy yourself another one with her money.

Selling her on the black market may be harsh. Empty her shampoo bottle and replace it with hair remover.

Im freaked out now 45... I'll forever be scared of children now

45 That was not creepy, sort of interesting, but very sick.

35's comment wasn't all that creepy. To know that all you'd have to have done was watch the movie Taken.

#15 that sounds like a devilishly good idea.

SeepingSarcasm 7

Yeah, that's pretty ******* creepy...could've gone without Googling that shit...ever.

bamagrl410 31

45, how in the world did you come across that? I feel like it should be the plot for some horrible and twisted horror movie, and I'm forever creeped out by that.

Better Add That To My "Never Read Creepypasta" list

twaumat 28

something like post her picture around the neighborhood saying 'found lost girl'?

Hamsters do vast quantities of poop in a small space of time. Depending on how often she cleans the cage, she could have just pulled out what was in there and had a goodly amount.

49- You insult Dashie with your sparse vocabulary! Shame!!!!!!

49 - ~Neither is "dictionary" apparently...~

I think they stem from the home. Maybe even cold water. Meh but what do I know

Something makes me suspect that there's more to the story

If someone's hot water tank is set improperly, flushing the toilet could result in first or second degree burns. The sister's reaction might be more reasonable if that's the case.

Not really. Forget the hamster shit, she gave her laptop away! There were probably tons of personal documents, pictures, and whatnot on that thing! This was clearly an honest mistake. Sister is just a self-centered bitch who deserves to live on the street for a few days, maybe that'll teach her a thing or two.

Pretty sure I'd overreact as well if my entire body was burnt, including some of the more sensitive parts.

SilentScreamer 12

Give away her hamster and break something of hers.

Apologies to her is a better way to solve problem.

9lashes 15

-87 why is she apologizing for her sister acting like a nut job?

ElementaryEdGuy 18

Well that's a shitty situ- I wonder if I can thumbs myself down before a post?

For gods sakes leave this old, dusty pun alone and let it rest in pieces.

ElementaryEdGuy 18

They're trying to say don't even mention it. It's like mentioning Justin Bieber on every youtube video just to make fun of him; don't even bring that here. That's what they mean.

mangoboy1 19

Make her buy you a new laptop and bed.

I'll be looking forward to seeing an FML from OP's sister about how she got hot water turned completely off during her shower and her hamster's shit all over her bed too.

screw that, true payback has lasting damage, turn off the cold water instead

Maybe OPs sister was the one using a shower head down there..

True 42, but I don't think OP wants to be responsible for his sisters hospital visit for 3rd Degree burns.