By Anonymous - / Sunday 19 July 2015 18:02 / United States - Greensburg
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  JohnTheDonJuan  |  11

Emotionally tone deaf? Just because someone is romantically interested in you, does not mean you have to indulge them. It's pretty likely the dude has picked up on her feelings and used that story to defuse the situation in a nice way.

By  Steffi3  |  40

That's what you get for assuming it's a date..

By  Megatron_Griffin  |  25

Maybe he just wanted to make it clear how he felt right away so he didn't feel like he was leading you on. As shitty as it had to feel, I've been strung along before, and I would have rathered they were straight forward from the beginning rather than play with my emotions. Stay positive though OP, there is someone for you out there


If there's been some miscommunication here then he could also be under the assumption that OP doesn't have feelings for him and that is why he said this.

OP may have missed an opportunity.

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