By Anonymous - 15/08/2012 11:40 - United Kingdom - Chatham

Today, my girlfriend admitted she had a nightmare about having sex with me. FML
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She probably had a dream where you turned into 1 Direction during sex. I would be afraid too.

I think he needs to confiscate her copy of Fifty Shades of Grey.


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I've had wet dreams before, but a wet nightmare? Well now I'm interested in having one

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Maybe she is a virgin and is scared of the actual sex part and OP was in it because he is her boyfriend? Just a theory, either way that sucks OP!

I think he needs to confiscate her copy of Fifty Shades of Grey.

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Why would anyone fantasize about being raped..?

Psych101 9

6- It's a real thing. I don't know why, but it some people do fantasize about it.

#6 some people have weird fetishes like sucking on people's toes or being tied down for sex. Rape situations could also be a fetish for some.

A7X_LoVeee 10

Yeah, I understand about weird fetishes but the whole rape thing seems very extreme. Well, I suppose I learned something new today. o_o

Except those things aren't weird, they are actually pretty normal. 37, it's about power. Some women want to be controlled and some men want to be in control. That's all it is.

I have a rape fantasy. I fantasize about raping people.

37- Look up List of Paraphilias on Wikipedia. There are some that are MUCH worse than rape fantasy. An example? Symphorophilia, which is being sexually aroused by witnessing, staging, or taking part in a disaster, such as a car crash.

"I witnessed that crash and I'm here to help, damn you just lost your leg in that crash, I've never been more aroused!"

A7X - You obviously aren't familiar with Rule 34. Look it up. IF YOU DARE.

Ya my gf is loves to be fake raped. It's hot

Lol I like when people say karma sutra. Makes me think that maybe all the one sided bedroom affairs I've had are at least getting what's coming to them.

iGrassYourSister 6

no, his girlfriend is just a loose *****

What is with some people being terrified of sex with someone who they chose to date? I just don't get it :/

Apparently the only thing going on in OP's bed is sleeping, and an occasional bit of crying...

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103 - Perhaps she is just asexual? Personally I find the idea of sex horrifying and disgusting. I'd definitely have nightmares like this. Yet I still date guys and everything. Sex is not the only factor in a relationship, there are emotional factors as well. Don't be so close minded to think that the only relationship is a sexual one. if you don't get it, then perhaps do some research on it. It's really cool to see how people are breaking down the boundaries of traditional relationships and redefining the definition of a relationship.

Well, have actual sex with her and show her you can be her good dream come true!

I had a nightmare that my parents tried to kill me. Should I have run away from home? Seriously dreams are just a mix of things u experienced or saw. You shouldn't base your relationship on one dream.

Dreams are things ppl have when ur subconscious mind drifts. It's called dream walking where ur mind takes fantasy over reality. That's how déjà vu comes about.

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Maybe your penis was larger in her dream!

Because that's going to make things a lot worse...

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Depending on how big! There is a such thing as too big! ;)

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14- yes being that if his penis was overly huge it would have scared the shit out of her duh

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If you poop in your dreams, you poop for real!

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Do you wear a Rosie O' Donell mask or something when you have sex?

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I'd click the +1 thousand times if i could XD Anyway OP, have you and your girlfriend already had sex? If she's still a virgin ,maybe she has some mental block, but if she's not, well, bad news for you!

I hope you made her some hot cocoa and comforted her. Send her my best wishes!

She probably had a dream where you turned into 1 Direction during sex. I would be afraid too.

British boy band gangbang... Just screams "gtfo of my mind." I'd wake up crying.

When you said "British boy gang bang", I pictured a bunch of guys with mustaches, monocles and top hats saying "Jolly Good!" with every thrust. *shutter*

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Is anyone else turned on by 92's comment?

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At least you have a healthy relationship.

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That doesn't sound very healthy.

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I would have to agree with you, but after reading your profile bio, I don't think you've got a very good opinion of what healthy is.