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Today, I went to see a musical that some school friends had put on. At some point in the show, the main character kicked her leg up in the air, and her high heel flew off of her foot and into the audience. The shoe hit me square in the face. FML
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It would have been a great gift if OP happened to be that kid of fetish... Just saying

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Now you know how Manny Pacquiao feels haha

Poor OP, heel be pretty pissed off about that :L! Sorry OP, shoe must have a huge bruise now :(

why all those thumbdowns ? if you read that with a british accent that's adorable ! :) girls that make puns and jokes with a cute accent are one of the many reasons why england seems a nice place to travel to x) pm me, next summer I need someone who can tell me where are the great places to have a beer in england 0_0

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If your going over there for alchohol save your money and go to Ireland.

nah, wanna go to england to visit :) but still, I need to know where I can take a sip

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I hate when people ask questions like this.

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Never go to a live performance without first considering the possibility that audience participation will be required at some point during the show!

This reminds me of that South Park episode where Butters does tap dancing, and his shoe flies off, hits the lights above the audience, and crushes a whole bunch of people.

It's like Final Destination, but quicker and somehow more gory. And no one escaped. NO ONE.

That would've been funny to watch.. embarrassing for you, though, OP!

Did the audience laugh? That is too bad. I had a shoe thrown at me on purpose before. It hurts and my eye had double vision for a few minutes.

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There's no need to correct 11 over that, they weren't being a dick or anything.

16: Sorry! I'm not very good at grammar and spelling. 27: Thank you :)

At very least 11/31 is honest.......just look at their username! Pure truth.

You have a awkward souvenir to keep.