Catering to idiots

By Anonymous - 27/03/2013 00:10 - United States - Pittsfield

Today, a man attempted to sue my business for giving him food poisoning. I make soap. When I called the cops on him for disturbing the peace, I was told, "Maybe next time you'll put 'not edible' on your label." FML
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Yeah, getting real tired of your shit !

This would meet happen in Sweden, we don't sue people so easily like Americans. No hate to them but seriously shouldn't it be OBVIOUS TO NOT EAT SOPE SERIOUSLY ...!!!

Please, let's have an American bashing fest when it wasn't actually brought up or referenced. Because that makes your countries look so much better...

Wow. That pun went right over your heads.

Well in #63's defense he is an ignorant teen who can't even spell soap correctly and who's only knowledge about the U.S. is probably thru T.V....yeah it's safe to say it went right over his head. But since his comment didn't even follow the original I'm sure he just wanted his ignorance to be seen.

83- not ignorance, opinion. But yes it's true, I've never been to America but from what I hear there is a lot of suing going on.

People, let's not turn this into more of a soap opera than it already is.

95, that comment just blurts out ignorance, "yeah, I've never been there but from what I HEAR I would not want to". That is ignorant. And so is your opinion.

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Oh yeah 95, here in America we usually sue some one when they give us the wrong look. Each conversation alone leads to about three lawsuits! What kind of TV shows are you watching, kid? Law and Order?

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Why is it that an occasional lawsuit due to someone's incredible stupidity makes news and suddenly EVERY American loves to sue people and we do it all the time? What? Does anyone realize there's over 300 million people here? You can't possibly really and truly believe that the actions of a few constitute the actions of an entire country.

My idea is we just take warning labels off of common everyday items and just let the idiots kill themselves off. If you don't know that you shouldn't stick a fork in the toaster, that coffee is hot, or that you shouldn't eat soap, I don't want you reproducing.

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Damn straight. Make suing for stupidity illegal

I may have spelled that wrong. be nice grammer nazis

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The sad thing is that people would take this as means for making easy money. An example is the woman whom spilled hot coffee on herself, resulting in 3rd degree burns, then sued McDonalds (and won) because there was no label displaying the coffee was hot.

The mcdonalds coffee thing wasn't because there was no label. It was because McDonalds made their coffee so ******* hot that she needed skin grafts on her legs and crotch. She won because McDonalds was brewing their coffee a lot hotter than they should have been and the media blew the whole thing way out of proportion and made it into a big joke, but of course never touched on the actual issue. Gotta love our media.

Coffee is hot. Ice is cold. Fire is hot. Acid is caustic. A sledgehammer smashes things. 220 and 110 volts burn or hurt. Stupidity is no excuse for a lawyer looking to win a case.

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Hot coffee in a paper cup between your legs while driving is stupidity no matter how hot the coffee is.

#61 I wish I could thumb you up a thousand times.

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She wasn't driving. The car was parked. Her lawsuit wasn't stupidity, you assholes. Maybe it wasn't smart to put it between her legs, but the lawsuit was necessary.

So did he get arrested for wasting their time?

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If officers arrested every single person who wasted their time, I assure you the jails would be more overcrowded than now.

If its that delicious chocolate smelling soap then I'm really not that surprised. I love that stuff! Every time I use it, I get hungry. ;)

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It makes me wonder why he didn't stop eating it after the first bite.

My faith in humanity just took a huge turn for the worst

Maybe he thought the product would taste better after every bite

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Why the hell would you eat soap? That guy is an idiot

So you can sue someone. Its a common profession in USA.

It must've been Lush soap. They look and smell great, and are made with 100% organic, natural, and usually edible ingredients. But you still shouldn't eat them. Just because your soap is made with chocolate and honey doesn't make it a good dessert.

dinosxxrawr 22

how does a grown ass man not know not to eat soap?

It seems that common sense is so rare, it could be considered a superpower...

It's pretty simple why he would eat soap. Two possibilities. A- looking for an excuse to try and sue. B- he's a total moron. Both are very real possibilities. Op is from the U.S. stupidity runs rampant over there.

42, with that last sentence you added, you sound just as ignorant and foolish as the man who decided to eat the soap.

49 - I've never heard of a company getting sued for having hot coffee anywhere else but in the US. Sue happy morons are definitely rampant here, and that's because our legal system is a joke that allows these people to thrive.

It seems as though I've offended some people. So sue me!

Not to mention that here in the United Stated of America, we have around 400 million people and it spans four time zones. Probability alone states we're gonna have some dumbasses

I am from the US and agree with 42-stupidity runs rampant over here.

The hotter the coffee is the better it tastes. So McDonald's bought the cheapest coffee they could find and cranked up the heat so high that it could have been lethal to a child. This case was meant to point that out but the McDonald's corp spun it in the media as a joke to keep the real issue off the news.

Not surprised. I bet he didn't even eat the soap, he just is trying to get rich quick.

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First wrong thing done here: Police.

No. First thing done wrong was that dumbass thinking soap was edible.

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This Fml is just bubbling with stupidity (as is this comment)