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Today, I went to the bank to find out why they've taken $200 from me. By the time I show them my bank card, ID and tell them my problem, they accuse me of stealing my own identity, and refuse to give me my money back. FML
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Hello, OP here.. Yes, there is way more to this story, but it was too long for the FML post. So, I once had to go to a Cash Money Store, two christmas 's ago, because I had no money and just lost a job, needing Christmas presents- I sold my soul to one of those stores. For months on end that Cash Money store kept taking money from me (even though I gave them what they needed back) and ever since then, once every two months the bank would make excuses as to why they'd need all of my money, examples: "Oh the Cash Money Store took OUR money and so we are taking YOURS " , "Oh there is this fee you never payed this month and so we took extra" "Oh it's this mandatory add-on that we put on people's accounts" ,in the end I told them I wanted to switch banks, and that's when they started to accuse me of identity theft. Now mind you- I still look the same, I don't age quickly, and so in the end their arguments were invalid, but because they are a bank, it is a little difficult to just be like "Oh, your branch is wrong, and I am right" yes I did switch banks, and I hope this helped with some of the confusion. Thank you :).

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Thats the laziest excuse ive ever heard from a bank. Good luck getting it sorted OP.

Broke, yet still tries to make people happy by buying Christmas presents, deserves having money stolen from him? I think your logic is flawed #64.


Probably with TD.. All banks are pretty corrupt though.. I dislike the fact that I really only have x amount of dollars in physical cash.. And whatever is in the bank isn't really what I have, it's the banks and they could freeze it, take money without warning.. It's ridiculous that we must have a bank account if we want to be able to support ourselves. Interest taken just for having money in there, when it's not even our will.. "Banking was conceived in iniquity and was born in sin. The bankers own the Earth... If you wish to remain the slaves of bankers and pay the cost of your own slavery, let them continue to create money."

go to a different bank of the same name or use a new bank? That one has dumbass people. How would someone else know $200 was taken? >.>

Thats the laziest excuse ive ever heard from a bank. Good luck getting it sorted OP.

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Maybe it's time for a new bank xD

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There has to be more to this story than that. Banks don't just take $200 from you. And if your identity was stolen and someone else took $200 from you then be thankful the bank is making it hard for someone carrying your ID and bank card to take more money or info from you. It's a sucky process to go through but usually it's in your best interest.

Banks don't typically just take $200 from you, but they're run by humans, and humans do occasionanally make errors. If, for instance, someone keyed in the wrong account number in processing someone else's withdrawal, or accidentally processed a transaction of OP's twice, OP's bank account might have been wrongly missing some money.

banks have taken my money on multiple occasions... go make an account with the bank in your wallmart, wait about 6 months and they will have taken a couple grand from you, claiming some kind of hiddin fee, like returend mail charges, or charges for account innactivity

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It doesn't say they had an extra $200 taken..It says whoever stole their identity stole $200..

stealing your own identity and taking 200 dollars?'s preposterous and the payout is slim...the perfect crime!

I see your hoodie & I think "this is gonna be fricking sweet!" lol

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Lawsuit. You should file a lawsuit. After all it's your money, and you need it now..

when you win, call j.g. wentworth. 855cashnow. its your money, use it when you need it. :-)

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I'm pretty sure its 877 cash now. Not 855