By Alice - 27/05/2011 05:46 - Australia

Today, I made a fresh juice for a customer. He called the cops because the juice was too acidic for him. He sat in a corner and waited for two hours for them to arrive. Obviously, they didn't turn up. So he yelled at me and left. FML
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The guy really needs to concentrate on more important things than juice.

shadow33456 1

haha wow what a idiot


shadow33456 1

haha wow what a idiot

get off his nuts grammar nazi

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wouldn't that be a ph of 7.1 and above?

swimchica22 0

28-does it really matter.......

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28-that is7.1 or less actually. and I agree with #1, guy's stupid:P

He sounds a little more insane to me. A little more than most people anyway...

#1, you creeper! I love Minecraft, it's so addicting.

AlterrOnmi 0

28- pH7.1? I sure that water or if he gave him lemon juice that a pH of 2.2

28, acids are ph under 7....7.1 is probably water. Above 7 is more basic.

why are we arguing about pH levels?

SeaNDouble 1

no 6.9 and below is acidic... 7.1 and up is basic

alisa162 0

Haha why the fluck are you guys talking about acids and stuff?! O.o

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why does everyone have to try and be such smart asses.....

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shut up

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-7- By the nine.... You are right

7.1 is basic I'm sure. Maybe you are thinking of 6.9?

zuzupetalsYO 11

I think this FML is fake

cuz they deal with ph balances to grow their goods. and since they smoke their goods they like to argue about it on internet lol. nothin wrong with that

ThatFatGuyBehind 3

Wow that's quite the heavy fail right there

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did you gave him some base to neutralized the acid.

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give him a cup of detergent to neutralize the acid enjoy xd

superguppy19 3

give not gave

The guy really needs to concentrate on more important things than juice.

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Teehee. concentrate. juice. hehe

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maybe he didn't want to concentrate as much as the juice

good observation #7

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hahaha Im picturing a really gay guy sitting in a corner complaining..."you messed up my fucking juice!"

What does his sexuality have to do with anything?

Mean_Mr_Mustard 9

He could being using gay as in dumb, not homosexual. Could be, I am not saying he is though.

it's worse if he's using gay as dumb

jennifer93 0

haha can you imagine the talk at that police station that day? cops must get the weirdest call ins

I heard of this lady calling the cops because McDonalds ran out of French fries!!! she ended up going to jail lol people call for the stupidest things now a days

At which point you called the cops because he was harassing you out of pure spite? :P

wow , major over reaction . that's just annoying

It's just the kind of annoying over-reaction that belongs on notalwaysright. OP, you should post it there.

*prays that this guy never becomes President/Prime Minister/Head Honcho etc.* I would not want to live in this guy's perception of reality, where the police arrest people for excessively acidic juice.

Now that was funny.....

wow, people are really pathetic

619warrior281 5

It's nice to HE isn't the one serving juice and food to the public.

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I think she meant "that" instead of "to". But her post still doesn't make any sense.