By Alice - Australia
Today, I made a fresh juice for a customer. He called the cops because the juice was too acidic for him. He sat in a corner and waited for two hours for them to arrive. Obviously, they didn't turn up. So he yelled at me and left. FML
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  bldouglas  |  0

cuz they deal with ph balances to grow their goods. and since they smoke their goods they like to argue about it on internet lol. nothin wrong with that

  DesB  |  7

I heard of this lady calling the cops because McDonalds ran out of French fries!!! she ended up going to jail lol people call for the stupidest things now a days

By  rattusrattus  |  18

*prays that this guy never becomes President/Prime Minister/Head Honcho etc.*

I would not want to live in this guy's perception of reality, where the police arrest people for excessively acidic juice.