FML - The follow-up
Oh gosh I never thought this would get posted! I made an account just to comment, though I should have ages ago since I browse all the time. I'm glad you found this as humorous (and creepy) as I did! I've known the guy for about 4 years now, usually through group events, and this was the first time we ever went to hang one-on-one! He was always such a sweetheart and was always super polite and respectful...
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Today I intended to get up at 6 am so I set the alarm for 5 am. What ended up happening was that I got up at 9 am, and the 5 am alarm will ring in two weeks. FML

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FML - The follow-up

Today, my boyfriend is going on a trip with the bike union he used to train for. It's also the day I found out that the physiotherapist joining them is his ex-girlfriend. FML

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OP here. My boyfriend and I haven't been together for long and as others have pointed out, the problem was that he didn't tell me straight up and I had to find out myself, which just made it look really really bad. He didn't tell me cause he didn't want me to feel bad throughout the whole time he was gone (he admitted he would've felt the same if it were the other way around and probably not talk to...
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