By NotChadKrouger

The Voice

Today, I was auditioning for a talent show. I asked my girlfriend if I could sing to her before I went. She said sure. Thirty seconds in, she got up and mumbled, "You're only going to embarrass yourself." FML
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what if the girl has batwings and a cavernous vagina? I think it'd be safe to assume she wasn't good in bed if you can't feel the walls. O.O needless to say, girls can be awful in bed.

  flighted  |  1

She def. could have been more direct. since she mumbled it, she was obviously going to tell him he sounded great, with a fake smile (:D) and let him go on stage. Lol she could have been more helpful and told him tips to sound BETTER instead of saying he'll embarrass himself. Lol, I can tell what great of a relationship they have haha


Yea, I agree with 2, definitely better being honest. And 55, OP's girlfriend probably didn't have any tips to give, not everyone can sing(me especially). Also I don't think there is that many tips to give for that anyway xp.


true, she could have been gentle about it, however the truth hurts and OP probably would've been upset regardless of how gentle she broke the news to him. I mean, the guy entered a talent show...obviously he thought he was talented.

  dgr8ing  |  0

most people just know how to use it..

it's still pretty shitty that people are getting rich fir crappy voices that some nerd (live nerdy or die dirty) fixes for them

By  toelie  |  25

I'd appreciate her honesty. Too many people go and embarrass themselves on talentshows because their family/friends tell them they're great singers.