The Voice

By NotChadKrouger - 11/05/2011 15:19

Today, I was auditioning for a talent show. I asked my girlfriend if I could sing to her before I went. She said sure. Thirty seconds in, she got up and mumbled, "You're only going to embarrass yourself." FML
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at least she was being honest.

mate it aint her fault that you cant sing


mabusoden 0

not really, she was only being honest and trying to let him know he sucks.

Kn0wledge123 21

You should have said "like you do in bed".

iReadFmlsFml 0

I have actually found that so far (for me) no girl sucks in bed, it's always the guy's fault that the sex is bad.

denbeste 3

#60 compulsive liar much?

iReadFmlsFml 0

62, I'm sorry, what was I lying about?

damn 60, if you believe that, then your one of those guys whos always on top while the girl just lies there like a dead fish lol

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Well really, there are 2 rules to sex: 1. Always make it interesting, the other partner will perform well if you do. 2. No fat chicks

Well she didn't exactly say it to his face, so I don't know if it counts as honesty, but at least now he knows he shouldn't sing.

Dedicate the song to her!! Since she sucks, too..

what if the girl has batwings and a cavernous vagina? I think it'd be safe to assume she wasn't good in bed if you can't feel the walls. O.O needless to say, girls can be awful in bed.

iReadFmlsFml 0

This is the whole reason I clearly wrote in brackets (for me).

Even if she has a carnivorous vagina?

I only agree with him on the second fat chicks.

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at least she was being honest.

kingtz 6

That'd what girlfriends are for!

starryxeyes 2

Yes, she was being honest but she could've told him politely. Or you know at least been more direct, rather than mumbling.

flighted 1

She def. could have been more direct. since she mumbled it, she was obviously going to tell him he sounded great, with a fake smile (:D) and let him go on stage. Lol she could have been more helpful and told him tips to sound BETTER instead of saying he'll embarrass himself. Lol, I can tell what great of a relationship they have haha

iReadFmlsFml 0

Well, it could've been said in a gentler approach

Yea, I agree with 2, definitely better being honest. And 55, OP's girlfriend probably didn't have any tips to give, not everyone can sing(me especially). Also I don't think there is that many tips to give for that anyway xp.

liggity 1

truth hurts sometimes but it's better than letting u humiliate yourself.

Yeh at least OP gf told him - I think it's better to going and stage and sounding like shit

true, she could have been gentle about it, however the truth hurts and OP probably would've been upset regardless of how gentle she broke the news to him. I mean, the guy entered a talent show...obviously he thought he was talented.

mate it aint her fault that you cant sing

mate, you aint no cowboy to talks like that

talk like what???

He's a gay cowboii. Duh...

im nawt gay -.- ffs

leave Ryan (gayboii) alone.

cheers best mate (:

you're welcome, Hun! x

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shup ... why do i get pure bullied on here???

seriously?? Are you a man or woman?? Can't tell. :-/

Ryan, they're just jealous. Shake it off. :-)

i know babe (;

*hugs* to you!

one word.... "HATERS"...Lmao

He set himself up fr i by calling himself "gayboii"....

aye well maybe straightboii was already taken... did you ever think about that???

GullibleJailbait 0

I find the blatant affection between them pretty disgusting and off topic. not that I'm jealous or anything.

CateXOX 0

Yeah, and she didn't have to be so harsh about it, but he needed to know that if it was true.

Predental 5

Justin beiber is on FML?

iAmScrubs 19

If people laugh at you, just say it is supposed to be a comedy act.

dont worry, with autotune and some sweet dance moves you can make it in music today.

We dont need more Rebecca Blacks and Justin Biebers.

fyl11122233 0

theres WAAAAY more than 2 ppl who use autotune out there 

like ke (dollar sign) ha

most people just know how to use it.. it's still pretty shitty that people are getting rich fir crappy voices that some nerd (live nerdy or die dirty) fixes for them

The truth hurts but at least she told you before your act...? :)

you_failed 15

Better to hear it from her than the audience right?

Yeah I'd take her word for it

I'd appreciate her honesty. Too many people go and embarrass themselves on talentshows because their family/friends tell them they're great singers.

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You must really be shitty, looks like she wasn't just trying to be a bitch, since she agreed to listen. Just practice?

I like her honesty but... she didn't have to be so blunt about it... the way she went about it made her seem like an ass hole