By Rae - 04/05/2012 21:09 - United States - Chicago

Today, after weeks of intense studying with the intent of pulling my grades up, I saw that in fact, they've all gone down. FML
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yadisingh 5

Atleast you tried! Keep trying and you'll get it!

Dang, how does that happen? Bad at studying? Keep trying.


yadisingh 5

Atleast you tried! Keep trying and you'll get it!

Rough, weird how that works. Stay focused!

I would advise the opposite. I'm willing to bet that it's because OP was exhausted from the change in workload, making it harder for them to get better grades. Just my opinion.

OHai15 12

Same thing happened to me....I hope you get them back up in time. You can do it OP :)

This is exactly what Has been happening to me ever since I joined an idiotic magnet school that parents wont let me leave

ZX6Rninja 0

Magnent school?

This2Rudy 7

I so feel your pain..

Idonebeenhad 17

Get Docbastard to prescribe you some adderall to help with your studying :)

Dang, how does that happen? Bad at studying? Keep trying.

Often studying makes you more nervous for the test. You can't think properly being nervous during the test. Also, if OP stayed up late studying, lack of sleep contributes to the same results.

Good teachers can also make a huge impact. There is a massive difference between the average, unmotivated teacher and the one that is really engaged in his/hers subject. That is the teacher who gets trough to the students, and makes them learn.

*through. The irony in this setting is rather poor, but still.

RKDxNT3000 10

What happens is that no matter how hard you try in US public schools, you'll end up failing. That's how my life goes.

That sucks, but maybe get a tutor? School sucks anyways, don't sweat it.

School does suck but he should sweat it because most of the time that's what separates you from a respectable job at a company or being a manager at McDonald's

35 - A good friend of mine got a free car (for having the best ratings at her store) and free yearly vacations to Vegas every year for being a McDonald's GM. I no longer think it's a crappy place to work.

^ okay that's just plain bull-shit.

I second that motion. My BS detector is going off.

don't know if what 45 said was true, but I know somebody that is a manager at a McDonald's he makes pretty good pay the hours suck, but better pay working at McDonald's then most would think

Cody Teets "Golden Opportunity"

I switch between feeling pity for people like you and feeling anger for your idiocy. There is so much beauty you miss out on if you are not curious about the natural world.

sarah56195 0

Preventing jerks from being since 1995

I read your comment, reread the FML, and read your comment again. Nope. Still not a clue what you're talking about.

Take a break once in a while. You might just be over-stressing yourself.

Studying less can help sometimes

That really sucks, OP. I find tutors help a lot more than studying alone!

Lol, I feel like your profile pic is gonna tutor him.

Make sure you pick an ugly tutor or your grades might drop even farther

So whats the integral from [-2,1] of the ln(x)? AlLIENS

My bad, the interval is [2,3]. The domain of the function is only (0,infinity) *ALIENS

Finally, someone listens to me! It was the extraterrestrials, it's always the extraterrestrials!

unoffensivename 0

Good on you for trying, I know so many people who could do much better if they only tried.

linkinpark98 23

Every time I see your picture, I always think "Smoke. Smoke. ARE YOU SMOKING YET?"

olpally 32

Sounds like a good idea... But it seems like op wouldn't do much better... Idk op, you're doing something wrong... :(

It was just a joke. Bc studying harder is making him do worse, so maybe he should try and study less. sarcasm :) OP was just studying passively. Do something more effective.

olpally 32

I got the sarcasm... That thought went through my head too... Lol thanks for explaining though :) op has to do something different.

btstig 11

Shit happens. Go drink a beer and cry about it.

No need to be a wanker about it, broseph.

btstig 11

I know joeben. Sometimes everyone needs to thumb down someone. I am volunteering today. You're welcome.

OhDearBetrayal 25

16- You are quite the heroic one, sir.

krmc822 6

Ever think some ppl are under age?

Yes, like you who take pictures through mirrors. ^^

You are supposed to study for the classes you are taking not food labels.

Food labels? Wtf!

Your comment almost made sense.

krmc822 6