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  DeviousAngel  |  13

Often studying makes you more nervous for the test. You can't think properly being nervous during the test.

Also, if OP stayed up late studying, lack of sleep contributes to the same results.

  Mafish  |  3

Good teachers can also make a huge impact. There is a massive difference between the average, unmotivated teacher and the one that is really engaged in his/hers subject. That is the teacher who gets trough to the students, and makes them learn.

  calivianya  |  29

35 - A good friend of mine got a free car (for having the best ratings at her store) and free yearly vacations to Vegas every year for being a McDonald's GM. I no longer think it's a crappy place to work.

  teague95  |  16

don't know if what 45 said was true, but I know somebody that is a manager at a McDonald's he makes pretty good pay the hours suck, but better pay working at McDonald's then most would think

  mufc4everch  |  2

I switch between feeling pity for people like you and feeling anger for your idiocy. There is so much beauty you miss out on if you are not curious about the natural world.

  iheartstewie7  |  5

It was just a joke. Bc studying harder is making him do worse, so maybe he should try and study less. sarcasm :)
OP was just studying passively. Do something more effective.