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By Anonymous - 03/02/2013 21:57 - Australia

Today, my girlfriend asked me if she looked fat in her new pair of jeans. Knowing I was probably about two seconds away from all hell breaking loose, I instinctively tried to save my game, before remembering I wasn't playing a video game. I really need to get a life. FML
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You have a girlfriend, AND you are an avid gamer?! How in the hell? Teach us your ways!!


You have a girlfriend, AND you are an avid gamer?! How in the hell? Teach us your ways!!

My guess is the girlfriend must be a gamer too. One with some junk in the trunk insecurities. :P

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And dont forget jeans. She also has jeans. She could probably also use a mirror for her birthday. Could save you a lot of questions.

My boyfriend is the biggest gamer alive :L and made me a gamer :D! why does everyone think gamers can't find anyone :P?

62, because the 'stereotypical' gamer doesn't really have human relationships other than grunts at his parents when they say that food is ready and also does not have enough contact with anyone other than those online in the game. If they do have a girlfriend/boyfriend it's normally someone they've found whilst playing. Note I said 'stereotypical' so I don't mean all! :)

It's not unusual in my experience. Most of my friends are avid gamers and they all either have girlfriends or are single because they don't particularly want a relationship right now. I've never met anyone (well... anyone worth talking to) who looks down on gamers. Maybe I just live in a good area or something. xD

Haha me and my girlfriend are gamers, and we are both pretty good. And we are both far from the stereotypical gamer, really don't know how people can become like that :/ a social life is as much fun as the gamer life, so I have both :)

:) fair enough, but judging by a stereotype is kinda something people should avoid :/ in my opinion anyways :) Not 100% sure why the comment got thumbed down so much when i said pretty much the same as everyone else but oh well :D

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I am not the best at guaranteeing not to be thumbed down, but making the claim that you or someone you know is "the biggest gamer alive" puts an argument on the table right away. I personally am a very avid gamer and I can not even get close to competing when it comes to amount of time some people spend gaming. Its just a very bold and unlikely statement that is either a challenge or just plain unproveable.

I am most definitely a "stereotypical" gamer because I can't stand the idea of going out to somewhere where they loudly play music not of my choice to pay inflated prices for crappy drinks. Much rather entertain myself at home with or without someone intelligent at the other end of a mic/Skype call. I enjoy doing things with someone I like, like catching a movie and discussing it after or going skiing or having a LAN party, but the usual "social life" stuff repulses me. That's without even mentioning how many people think getting so drunk they can't stand up without puking is "an awesome time".

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93, your comment got thumbed down because of the unnecessary emoticons.

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Everybody LOVES emoticons! :) :D :P :S

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Lol I friggin adore guys who do gaming, I kinda grew up playing video games and watching my dad sooo

I cursed at my teacher in math and tried loading my previous save from too much skyrim

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Seriously, a simple "you look fine" would've sufficed.

39- every time I have answered with that, be it a friend, family, or girlfriend asking, its never ended well.

47, for me, it's not that it never ends well, it never ends at all.

If only you could pause life like a game

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Life is the hardest videogame there is.

He doesn't need a twix bar or a quick save at all. All he should have done was used crouch and use his level 100 sneak to scurry away.

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:-< But I've only gotten to 60 or so in sneak.. This is about Skyrim, right? >->

The worst answer is not yes, the worst answer is "let me step back and get it all in view"

Ok, that made me laugh. I'm the kind of guy who would say that but in a joking manner so I won't get my ass kicked LOL or the easiest way to die is say "back up a bit *beep beep beep*" just run for your life haha

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How did you attempt to save? Did you have a controller or something?

Oh god, Exhibit A of the generation raised on consoles.

Maybe you should take lessons in social/situational awareness. I wasn't saying anything about how the OP reacted. I was talking about how #8 mentioned a controller instead of a keyboard, therefore #8 probably grew up with consoles instead of gaming PCs.

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Consoles came before gaming PCs... so what do you mean by "generation raised on consoles"?

Actually PC games were out before consoles... Consoles first came out 1972 and the pc game Spacewar! came out in 1962 (not realy the first produced, but first to become popular) and the first pc games prior to 62 where created by the military. So before you say anything, know what you are talking about.

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I'm not sure you'd call a computer from the 60's a "PC" though. They're a bit large and expensive to be very "personal" aren't they?

SmallBean 12

I didn't say pc games, I said gaming computers. Computers specializing in gaming came out after the first consoles...

A gaming PC is still a PC, so the second 1 game came out for the earliest, biggest, and most user unfriendly computer, they all became gaming pc's cause all computers can play games, although some nowhere close to as god as others, but all can play games.

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Until you develop an automatic, mindless reflex to answer that question with an immediate and convincing "no," you will not be able to keep a woman. Even thinking about your answer is death.

"You look good in anything, honey. Those do NOT make you look fat, but if what you want is to look even thinner than you are, you might be happier with that other pair." Or, if you prefer, "No, but those jeans must have been designed for someone anorexic. Your figure is awesome, and I think the other pair makes you shine more."

"Perfectly so! You're just the right amount of skinny and curvy to make any man jealous of me having you as a girlfriend." You could even walk around her a few times before saying that, so thought doesn't mean instant-KO like many relationships.

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19, I don't think that's a good idea..

perdix 29

#19 and #21, shove your cute little speeches and give her a simple "no" immediately. Why do you go against the advice of me, an old guy, and #22, an actual woman?

You know what actually works, 19 and 21? "No". Or "No, you look hot". Or "Hell no, they're gorgeous on you". I've never been the type to even bother asking this question, nor would I flip out and be like "OMG YOU ARE SOOOO LYING TO ME D:" if I did ask, but I would imagine that for the girls who ARE like that, the above answers would be enough.

Yea, I just say "no". And I hate when girls ask them, do they really think we're dumb enough to say "DAMNN, you fat" or "yes, they do"?

Because "No" always sounds convincing. Maybe not a whole small speech, but convincing that it looks good rather than just blindingly replying "No" would most likely be more effective.

Blindly* (Grr, where's edit on mobile...saw it just as hitting post...)

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Forget all the " convincing" no's. Tell her the truth. I do with my wife, if it looks bad I tell her that the outfit doesn't compliment her well or some shit. Reason being, I would rather someone tell me I look stupid than lie to me to boost my ego. Plus if they ever catch you lying about something as dumb as that, it will make them question all kinds of shit that you have told them.

91, that's true. I always change 50/50 my answer haha

Is a simple "no" that hard OP. even if it's a lie it's always no!! It'll save you an ass chewing and a fight.

at least you HAVE a girlfriend, some of us gamers aren't as lucky

I would only date a guy if he was a gamer.... GAMERS UNITE!

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Idk I may get thumbed down for saying this but having a gamer boyfriend while being a gamer myself isn't what it's all cracked up to be. Though we play similar games we rarely play together. Once in awhile we do but I either get irritated with him or he gets irritated with me because we play so differently and were both stubborn :) lol you just need to have a gf that accepts you as a gamer!

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thank you #26, you just gave me some confidence and insight