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Women... Can't live with them, pass the beer nuts. Women... Can't live with them, can't successfully refute their hypotheses. One old reference, one newer one


If only they came with a womanual. Sadly, even then it would be tailored to only one woman and not any others.

Just tell her what you meant. I don't see how that could mean you are calling her fat, but all girls have different modes of sensitivity.

How could you asking for a bite of her food possibly make her think that? That is so illogical I can't even think of a reason.

Ah, the times when I misread the FML due to the previous one... (calling her fart.) ;D Anyway, nobody can blame you for being hungry, I guess she's having some issues about her weight, nothing you can't fix. ^^


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But, we are very sorry and promise not to do that thing that we did again, until the next time that it happens, then we'll be even more sorry.

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