By Anonymous - 12/06/2016 10:00 - Australia - Port Melbourne

Today, the girl I'd been seeing for a few weeks lost her mind and yanked my car's e-brake while we were on the highway. Why? Because I said I wasn't really interested in having kids. Guess I'll cross that relationship off as a "hell no". FML
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Time to pull the e-break on your relationship.

Bitch put both your lives in danger.


Or ditch her and drive away!

Time to pull the e-break on your relationship.

Bitch put both your lives in danger.

Because he might not be interested in having kids... especially at this stage of the relationship. So what?!?! Nut job

Clearly a huge red flag. Glad you're getting away from her.

Better get out before she gets a hold of your e brake. (A for effort?)

I rate it 5/7 Well done, #5

Thanks bud. It's a life of approval from others.

Stop trying to make 5/7 happen. It's not going to happen. Don't know why people were impressed by that bad excuse of a "trolling".

I was tempted to post my confusion on what 5/7 is supposed to mean, but after some consulting with UrbanDictionary, it seems like 5/7 is indeed every bit as stupid as 32 says it is.

That's a quick way to put a stop to a relationship.

lilchica22001 22

I see whatcha did there and I'm likin it!

Press the like button quietly please.

Jeez, that escaladed quickly. That girl would have driven you crazy. It's obvious she's got no idea when to put on the brakes. Don't reverse your decision; push the pedal down and speed outta there. You auto know when to get out.

Scary that psycho might being having kids with anyone.

Oh you don't want to have kids, well let's just potentially kill us both then, cause that will solve everything. Seriously, what the hell goes through these types of peoples' minds?