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  thisgirl2u  |  9

Soo, Seriously we are all in agreement that OP's girlfriend THREW an Xbox out the window because he asked her about her weight??? I mean that is just insanity, there has to be more than just a weight question going on here.. But if this truly is the case then shouldn't she now be his EX girlfriend?

  brianjman14  |  22

While I do agree that you don't ask a woman what her weight is, that is a WAY overreaction. Get her to pay for another one. Bad question ≠ Destruction of property. FYL.

  cradle6  |  13

Disagreed. That's horrible logic. That reminds of back when rape victims were grilled in court about "what they were wearing."

A bad question doesn't warrant destruction of several hundred dollars worth of property

  Nuketown  |  0

actually 52, if the harddrive was not damaged it is possible with: a new hard drive, a computer, an Xbox 360 data transfer cable and some hardworking and determination.

  Anaxes  |  5

Snap her phone in half, because according to stereotypes, young females are spending too much time yapping on their cell phones and not enough time yapping at the kids to get out of the kitchen.

  0opsie  |  6

I'm thinking there's more to what you said. Women, no matter how crazy, don't typically toss expensive stuff out the window for a simple "How much do you weigh?" Not that she didn't over-react, even if you had said "Lol, ur gettin' chunky. How much do you weigh now, like, a TON?"
Either way, drop her and make her pay for it.

  hobojo11  |  0

i agree with boobs up there but you are all nerds never under any sercomstances ask a girl how much she weighs and if they ask how much you think they are drop your real opinion by 20 to 30 lbs


anyone who likes call of duty is just a troll and loser, "oh look a game i can actually win" <obvious trolls are obvious i say Halo is way better because they have a better supporting fan base and call of duty is just like being obsessed over... dare i say it, justin bieber, and its true, some people need to grow up, heck id even throw my xbox out and play WoW because i cant go on xbox anymore without seeing call of duty all over my dashboard. if anyone wants to argue their opinion and look stupid idc because im pretty sure i made my point

  itsgabriellee  |  4

240- Although YOU may have made YOUR point, that is a complete matter of opinion. I agree with everyone above in saying Black Ops kicks ass. I absolutely HATE Halo, just because I can't stand the sensitivity. I can never seem to adjust, no matter what I set it to. So the fact that you think you're the Almighty God and that everyone else's opinions and likes suck disqualifies your opinion, therefore resulting in Black Ops being awesome.

  Anaxes  |  5

#255 - Console beats PC?

Facepalm on so many levels.

I'll go through a tidy list:

1. Consoles don't have an RTS genre (Maybe 1 or 2 ported games but the ports are crappy).
2. Can't mod on a console.
3. Have to pay to do online on the xbox.
4. You can actually update a PC, pulling the console apart just voids the warranty.
5. Consoles are filled with retards on their god damn microphones.
6. He never said anything about WoW in that post, stop making shit up.

I don't know about you, but when a platform can't even support an entire genre, it kind of makes your console fetish rather stupid.

  Nick_1993  |  2

add me Locusts Fury. I like halo reach now just because I havent bought black ops. both games are equally amazing I'm sure. buy for not multiplayer. fallout for sure


black ops sucks. i prefer a game with plot elements a good story... such as fallout I have nothing against FPSes I just prefer RPG/FPSRPGS. and if anyone says I cnt quick scope guess what...

Frankly dear, I DON'T GIVE A DAMN

snipers don't "quickscope" they use the god damn scope so thank you and have a nice day

  chili10  |  18

Why can't you leave #4 alone, she wasn't doing anything to hurt anybody. If you have such a big problem with her grammar ignore it. Personally, people who think they are superior to others piss me off more than ignorance and stupidity.

  gators1995  |  30

Of course people need to learn how to spell and leave them alone. If they act like idiots and can't spell then just ignore it. I hate how people tell people to have proper grammar on the internet. I seen comments have thumbs-up and they have had mispelled a word or two.

  saint_jimmy  |  0

That doesn't make this a normal thing. His girlfriend sounds pretty crazy.
PS- I've asked my girlfriends their weights. Usually after the first month and a half of dating. Never had one lose it at me before, although one of them did get kind of upset for some reason.


I'm with SOMA, here. I mean it's pretty damn obvious how much you weigh. Getting upset just proves how much of an idiot you are. Also, how insecure you really are. Besides an xbox? I'm not a fan of them... but why would she even break something that belongs to you? If she's comfortable enough to break your stuff, you should be comfortable enough to ask her how much she bloody weighs.

  I_iz_B_a_troll  |  23

Op probably said something along the lines of, &quot;Damn, you fat whore! Whatdo ya weigh now, you cow? make me a sandwich while I play my game and when I'm done we can burn them calories off(;&quot; This pickup line hasn't worked too well for me...

  afdude87  |  6

if you're dating a girl and she flips out / gets mad / hurts you and or xbox when you ask her weight, she's got baggage, fuckin ditch the bitch. plenty o fish in the sea. oh, and.. fuck the stupid backward smiley faces. :)


#5 Okay, so I guess since I'm not really an accepted teen girl I missed out on some secret meeting but when was asking a girls weight wrong? Seriously I play the guessing game with people to see if they can guess... o.o And then I check the scales for the first time in 3 years to see if they're right. :D

  omggtfomi  |  1

Exactly Microsoft sucks ass the only reason I have an original xbox is because it was my brothers OP forget the xbox 360 and just get a ps3 they are so much better


65, no. I'm saying he's an idiot for saying that OP's girlfriend should give him great sex. Yes, what she did was stupid, immature, and pathetic but it doesn't entitle him to sex. Therefore #8 is an idiot.

  l2spellbud  |  0

If the majority of guys are forced to massage their women for sex, who says she is not forced to give him sex for ruining HIS relaxing video game? Exactly.