By SunshineX7 - 09/10/2013 04:22 - United States - Springfield

Today, I got so self-conscious about weight gain that I got paranoid about how much my Castle Crashers character was eating to heal. FML
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SunshineX7 17

OP here! Time to clear a few things up. I used to have a LOT of issues about my weight! I am better now but still have some moments like this one, but try to laugh them off knowing I am at a healthy weight now! I still exercise in marching band and eat healthy meals. And yeah, I love gaming. I do it a little more than I should, and play dozens of games. So, thanks for the input for those who are giving actual advice! Those with insults? I don't really care what you think :)

You're not self-conscious, you have issues.


27, Do you see the word Runescape in the FML at all?

#41 I think he might be indicating that there's a lot of eating in Runescape? I'm not sure though.

"My Castle Crashers character" not Runescape.

51, 27 was telling OP not to play Runescape then. I don't know about you but I think he's telling him not to play it.

You idiots Im mentioning Runescape because the whole game is basically you spam clicking large amounts of food to heal. Way to ruin a joke -.-

And yes 41 you're right in runescape you're basically eating whole sharks to heal :p at least someone gets it >.>

then000bster 16

Kamom only noobs use butt tons of food to heal in that game unless you are extremely poor... Please don't mention a game where it's prime has passed... Incase you think, oh he didn't play it, I'm a walking encyclopedia of that game. 99's all the way. Castle crashes is an immensely fun game, if you take the time to enjoy it :)

She also would deffinately not like the beginning of Mabinogi lol.

hatemyluck 15

Maybe she's saving her monies for pets. Plus, if she dies a lot then potions can become expensive.

You're not self-conscious, you have issues.

Exactly. How the heck are there more FYLs than YDIs?

this FML has "denial' written all over it

addioty 19

Guys, it still is a FYL. Eating disorders aren't anyone's fault and they horrible and extremely hard to get over. I'm appalled someone would say "YDI" -- as if anyone DESERVES an eating disorder. I'm not trying to be rude, but I wouldn't wish one on my worst enemy.

Don't stress about weight, if you're really self conscious about it then try the gym and work out, also listening to music while working out motivates me so don't worry about your weight because I'm sure you're perfect :)

When I look down I see my triple chin only. How am I doing?

I see my shoes! They may be across the room, but I can still see them.

TyT63 12

unless Kirby swallows something skinny

He'd "realistically" still gain weight unless he strictly ate Maxim tomatoes xD

isn't it canon that he is practically a black hole or a wormhole?

I dunno I think it's better to work on weight loss by exercising more than just cutting down on food, so you don't have to be so paranoid about what you eat... :o

Exercising isn't a solution for everybody when it comes to weight loss. Obviously, it's healthier and less risky than a diet, (especially when we know those hardly work 70 percent of the time), but exercising works only for people who want to tighten up their stomach/arms/thighs...whereas some girls just want to lose the fat without "turning it into" muscles.

15- No matter your gender, lean muscle can really help your everyday functions and look. When girls exercise their chest, it lifts up their bust. When girls exercise their glutes or lower back, it lifts up their butts. And so on. As long as she's not trying to get built and bulky, then she's fine.

I'm sorry #15 but saying "exercising isn't for everybody" is just a cop out to be lazy. Sure, you can just diet without exercise but 1) it'll take longer and 2) you'll most likely fall back into bad habits anyway. Exercise not only helps with weight loss, but the endorphins released will make you feel good about yourself in general.

15-I'd just like to say that exercise is not just limited to things like hardcore running or weight training, etc. Exercising is a huge topic and there are things like yoga or Pilates, noncompetitive swimming, walking, etc. that can help you slim without bulking up too much...

Wizardo 33

I find the more worried you are about something the more it seems to get worse. Just eat healthy and try to do exercise but don't make yourself cry over it or anything.

The have words for people like you: Fucking crazy. Yes, that's the technical term

Before anyone else does it- They* Damned grammer nazi's.

I am the same way. When I play Hungry Hungry Hippos, I eat one marble and say, "Thats sensible, I will eat another marble in about 3-4 hours."

If it`s said by a doctor, it must be true then