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  IambecomeRAWR  |  0

Oh, god, no. Word limits are the most irritating thing on the internet. After all, how could I possible spend half an hour of my life detailing exactly how some 14 year old from Missouri is wrong if I'm limited to 1000 characters?

But yeah, they're just annoying, and trolls that choose to abuse the unlimited nature of these comments are so rare they cease to matter.

  Shit4Luk  |  0

Drugs and alcohol are fine in moderation. You are a biased dumbass who has no idea what you're talking about. Congratulations on spouting an opinion on something you know nothing about.

  Serlenia  |  3

Um, I really hope drugs aren't fine in moderation. Unless you actually need them for meds you shouldn't do them. And yes drinking is fine in moderation but I think the #5's point was that this guy (if he was doing one of the mentioned) should not as he can't handle it.

  Outofmind  |  0

I think if you keep a stupid person happy it will actually be better for everyone. I mean, if they're pissed off, they'll porbably not only hurt themselves, but some innocent bystanders too.

By  JFox  |  8

Yikes.. well, you obviously regret it. You should try explaining it to your girlfriend and hope she understands. Also, promise not to get so wasted anymore ? I'd forgive you if you confessed, but not if I found out from someone else...

  Serlenia  |  3

Um no actually birth control might not work for some girls or it might cause serious side effests to them that they have to stop. Or sometimes it can cause it to be worse. But originally for most girls it only helps with cramps and such. The shot only makes it so they have it every three months and the pill makes it so it's shortened to around 3 days. And yes I would know because I'm a girl and am taking birth control so yes this is all true because I've gone through the sheets of birth control about a million times now.

By  tdawgheath  |  0

#9, so not true, I've been able to drink with friends and not get so wasted that I sleep with someone who isn't my girlfriend. The OP sounds retarded and deserves it.