By anonymous - 19/02/2015 16:06 - United Kingdom - Leicester

Today, whilst walking to a primary school to give pupils a lesson on cleanliness, I tripped and landed on a dog turd. FML
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Change of plans. Time to teach about situational irony.

1PersonIsMyWorld 22

That was a solid joke! Don't hide it by replying to an unrelated comment.

Theory lesson turned practical. Very innovative

Just tell them what happened hopefully they'll understand.

OgBloodRaven 10

You had the perfect opportunity and you can't even spell the word right... (facepalm) 'Merica

#16, why assume #7 is American? I'm American and I can spell. It makes you look bad as a person pointing out someone's nationality as their handicap, even if you don't know their nationality. It's people like you who make America look bad.

WavRace 14

Assuming you landed on your butt. Make sure you don't turn around OP

Use yourself as an example of what not to smell like. Really sucks though op .

Use it as an advantage! I mean, you made the subject visual like that and every kid will be able to empathize with the situation. You can ask them how they feel when it happens to them and how we can make sure this kind of things don't happen anymore.

hopefully it was still fresh so you had a soft landing?