By Anonymous - / Thursday 11 October 2018 17:30 /
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  melisssa87  |  29

Well if they chew things when you aren’t there you keep them alone for too long or they are not getting enough stimulation. Those people shouldn’t have a dog it’s not a toy.
Let’s keep the owners in a cage or just go potty and walk around in the backyard and get no walks outside. Won’t be too popular


Or maybe the dog has separation anxiety or is just an avid chewer? My dog loves her kennel and will happily lay in it through out the day even when I’m home. Most people work and can’t have their dogs with them 24/7 and can’t let their dogs free roam the house since they’re too young and/or too destructive and that by no means makes anyone a bad owner. I leave my dog in her kennel for 2-6h a day due to mine and my boyfriends work schedules since she will chew things apart when home alone even AFTER going to the dog park for an hour. And then I take her for a long walk when I get home even if it’s -30 out, this is our routine. So stop owner shaming just because you do things differently.

  melisssa87  |  29

If the dog has separation anxiety or is a chewer you have to put in more time and effort in training the dog. It’s not easy. But just because you don’t have the time you prefer to put the dog in a cage, that’s way easier and convenient for you.
The dog walks in and out when you are home is because it’s open and it can choose for itself. Having it closed is just a tiny space the dog is forced too.
If you work you have to think if your schedule would be suitable for having a dog. You can’t just let your own needs of wanting one go first. And if it’s too young then you really shouldn’t let it be home alone too long and instead train it. If you don’t have the time don’t get a dog

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