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By Vercsi - 19/02/2015 15:47 - United Kingdom - Newcastle Upon Tyne

Today, my attention-seeking, insanely thick co-worker explained that due to her new diet she can't eat bread. She "can eat pizza" though. When we pointed out that they’re pretty much made of the same ingredients, she wouldn’t believe us. I sit right behind this idiot every day. FML
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Dillyduzit 23

That was kind of my first thought. Like, regardless of the bread issue, what kind of diet lets you have pizza?

#1 Pizza is very healthy! It has tomatoes in it!

Of course it is! Pizza grows on the pizza tree, and everything grown on a tree is healthy!

It is! It's considered salad in the US, right?

NotGabe 28

Yes, it is healthy. After all, back in 2011 the US Congress declared that all that pizza sauce is, indeed, a vegetable!

I thought white-sauce pizza *actually was* healthy.

Actually, cocoa beans grow on trees, and they're really healthy. But people love turning into chocolate, adding sugar and caramel and other sweets.

My 8th grade science teacher believed pizza was healthy. According to her, pizza is a "perfect food" because it can contain all food groups. A lot of students believed her, too. No wonder we're the fattest state.

It has tomatoes. Tomatoes are healthy. Tomatoes are in salad. Pizza is salad.

it can be if it has the right ingredients. Thin, whole wheat crust with a tomato based sauce, mozzarella, and lots of veggies and lean protein make a perfectly healthy pizza. its when you start throwing in greasy meats and super thick crusts that ruin it.

kewpiesuicide 29

They stopped using the food pyramid in like 2009. Now it's called 'my plate'.

iShanny 13

Good thing stupid's not catching!

Thank god, but if it is I should probably avoid commenting here again.

Goblin182 26

Are you sure its not? Cause there are so many of them.

It's not contagious, but it is known to be a genetic defect. If only we could require common sense standards for parenthood; remove the morons from the gene pool. While very difficult to overcome, stupid can be managed through intense therapy to correct the issues. Early intervention is key for this to be successful. I'm afraid it may be too late for your coworker.

drunkmunkey 24

I used to work at a pizza place, you might be surprised at the ignorance of some people: "I wanna bread bowl with no noodles cyz I don't eat carbs man hook me up"

You wouldn't believe how many people who think they're "gluten intolerant" order a pizza with gluten-free crust and then get a box of breadsticks too.

^ and then order a beer to wash it down.

I have celiac disease and one of my teachers was like oh yeah I understand I have a gluten intolerance... And then she continued to bring in cookies for the class and ate them as well... And didn't even think of her legitimately gluten free student. The stupid is to damn high

People amaze me. Honestly how dumb can you be. I hate going out and having to request gluten free because I know it is a big deal when making the food. I read ingredients in everything because I don't want to chance it.

JayVicious 20

If those cookies were store bought I understand that, but if they were home made they could indeed be glutenfree. I make glutenfree cookies n cakes etc. all the time. Another thing about eating glutenfree at a resturant is if the food is cooked in the same thing the food that contains gluten is, it defeats the purpose....not to mention you will also have to cook in gluten free pots n pans etc.

TDog3337 12

That would have been funny, except butter has nothing to do with pizza

#24 thats not entirely true, they do use a butter flavored oil on pretty much the entire surface of the dough, and then again on the crust once its cooked. at least at dominos.

Guess I knead to stop making horrible puns.

Butter is associated with bread however and that is part of the FML too.

I butter my pizza crusts, honest real butter, pretty sure margarine causes cancer.

butter is fat from milk... real butter anyways

isn't pizza considered a vegetable to the american government? maybe your coworker is american

Was an issue a couple of years ago. Schools had to offer vegetables for lunch, so they decided that the sauce on a pizza counts

According to the Reagan administration, ketchup and tomato sauce is considered a good source of vegetables so its possible shes just using out of date standards. Michelle Obama would not put up with such nonsense.

gobiteme2 34

Michelle wouldn’t point it out but her big back side sure would

One just can't simply give up eating pizza tbh

Next you'll be saying people don't like ice cream.

I used to love pizza, now it leaves me bloated for several days and I just feel rubbish afterwards, so I tend to avoid it. Although they're the kind of food you can advertise or waft past someone and everyone wants some :(

You should google what is in pizzeria pizza. I only eat Homemade Pizza I find the difference to be VERY high. I hate the greasy taste but, you know if you fancy grease for lunch, be my guest.

OK, I did, and only got results for other pizzerias. Besides, I don't know what hillbilly, backwoods-ass place you get your pizza, but mine has an A in sanitation, and doesn't use some questionable ingredients. Bread, cheese, tomato sauce, pepperoni, butter, garlic seasonings.

Trust me not every one likes pizza! Why am I getting down voted for something that's true? Does everyone here like Cauliflower? Or Carrots? No but, if we said so we wouldn't be considered crazy. So why the hell should it be different for bacon and pizza!? It just doesn't appeal to me!

I bet your co worker eats sandwiches and says it's not the same thing as bread

Pizza has all 4 food groups though.... It's healthy!

xKrisSmoove 21

The food pyramid was shaped like a pizza, the food plate is where you put the pizza…therefore pizza is healthy