By Van - / Sunday 20 December 2009 06:32 / United States
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  chefky14  |  0

someone on itmademyday.com wrote,
today i really needed to use the bathroom i entered a video store and the dumbass clerk didn't even acknowledge me when i asked him if i could use a restroom so when i saw Joaquin Phoenix's balloon knot for a mouth in the comedy section i decided to fire a missle there and give the clerk something to do since he has so much time to stand around and do nothing. IMMD.

  cackle  |  0

Today, while working at Hollywood Video, a guy came in and left without renting anything. Minutes later, I found human feces between the "Kids" and "Comedy" aisle. FML

fixed are you happy

  terrykayez  |  6

Um I had no problem reading this, and apparently neither did any of the other 20,000 people. So maybe you should learn how to read better, because your comment made no sense.

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