By cj1012 - United States
Today, a homeless man started to wet himself in the recliner at the coffee shop where I work. He then walked all the way to the bathroom, only to finish urinating in a puddle right in front of the bathroom door. Guess who cleaned it up. FML
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  whatsup215  |  0

I don't think anyone's "making fun" of Jesus ... I'm pretty sure that we are embracing the w.w.j.d. statement.

So I ask you #82 what would Jesus do if he saw you taking offense to an FML comment ??

  mystashisgone  |  6

Reminds me of the old days oh maybe 2 years ago... Except is was an angry employee... I don't remember why he got angry and quit on the spot but I do remember him taking a [email protected] in the urinal. Yea you think piss is bad try human feces outside of water in a urinal.probably one of the worst smelling and worst sight possible in my line of work. Had to put my nose in my shirt, hold my breath, put two pair of gloves on and two trash bags before I was done. Still doesn't remove the memory from my brain....I only wish I got to mop up piss that day. Fml not urs.

  TinyEMT  |  6

These poor attempts at making a funny comment consisting of overused puns seem to be getting more and more common, lately. Or maybe I'm just now realizing how annoying they are..

  MCRaddict15  |  15

39) I'm not sure about this, but I think if you are a waitress/waiter you clean up 'messes'. And urine on the ground is a mess, so maybe OP was required to clean it.

  AliceLockehart  |  18

When I worked at McDonalds a few years back a kid shit his pants & went down the slide, resulting in one long skid mark. Guess who had to clean that mess up? Yeah. Worst job I've ever had.

  writergirl23  |  19

10, I really think high management would clean up pee. Yes, I'm being sarcastic, and yes, I'm sure they'd make the first unlucky low-paid employee that they saw do it instead of them. I've been in that situation, it sucks. But you do it, or you're fired. Because they cannot have messes in their beloved shop, they'll lose customers.